What are the Negative Effects of Summertime Heat on Improperly Prepared Loading Docks in New York?

The architectural structure of a warehouse is sealed with usually substandard exhaust equipment for ventilation. This is a regular structure foremost to protect the goods especially if you are managing a distribution center where most of your goods are perishable. 

Most of the warehouses in New York utilize the Heat Ventilating and Airconditioning (HVAC) System to anticipate any type of temperature in line with the needs of the goods being stored. To this end, the management undertakes to facilitate the regular New York Dock inspection to identify the issues and perform the needed New York Dock repair and New York Dock replacement.

However, not all loading dock facilities have complete sets of equipment including the ventilation equipment. It is therefore a risky workplace during the summer season as the work condition of the workers will surely be put in danger.

What is the danger of Heat in Loading Docks?

When the temperature in the loading dock exceeds the regulated coldness or warmth, it will typically spoil the perishable goods to the disadvantage of the management. Apart from that, the high and low internal temperature may pose a danger to the health of the workers especially if a number of the workers have irregular blood pressures and other ailments that may be aggravated due to the hot internal temperature. 

This may result in health issues such as but not limited to the following:

1. Workers may faint due to heat collapse. This transpires during the hot working condition due to the lack of circulating oxygen in the brain. Workers may suffer from heatstroke. This is deemed a very serious and critical health problem that may lead to death. 

2. Workers may experience heat cramps. These cramps are experienced during the performance of hard labor where too much muscle exertion is being applied and profuse perspiration is experience and the workers failed to hydrate. In short, workers may suffer from hearing cramps due to the lack of salt in the body. 

The signs of may vary but exposure to hot temperature may have the following signs:

  • increases your pulse rate, 
  • strains the heart, and 
  • in severe cases may cause a life-threatening heat stroke

What are the solutions to resolve this problem?

There are provisional and permanent solutions to the problem. Provisional solutions may include the conduct of proper and timely information and education campaigns to provide the correct information to the workers for the latter to get prepared.

Workers may wear appropriate T-shirts and bring along drinking water to somehow facilitate the body coolness and hydration.

On the other hand, a permanent solution may highly be recommended and that is to undertake the improvement of the warehouse structure and add important equipment for ventilation such as the installation of the industrial fans. Moreover, it may also be advised to utilize the energy-saving products to the facility. 

Aside from that, it is likewise a wise action to undertake the New York Dock lock repair and New York Dock lock replacement to upgrade your dock system and the workers working conditions to a higher and safer level.

In cases of New York ripped dock sealNew York damaged dock shelter, and New York broken dock leveler, it is strongly recommended to undergo a New York replacement dock seal, shelter, and leveler.

That being said, it is therefore very vital to perform a New York dock maintenance not only to increase your facility’s productivity but also you considered the safety and security of your personnel to affect profitability.

Finally, the installation of the industrial fans is very important to facilitate ventilation like:

  • Serco ATEC HVLS Fans – It is designed to move a lot of air and much more.
  • Serco ATECT Fan – It has improved airflow and energy-saving features not to mention the powerful blade design that functions without stress to the building.
  • Kelly ATEC HVLS Fan – It moves to generate more air but this high-volume low-speed fan doesn’t do more than this.
  • C-class Commercial Fan – This fan is a completely customizable Entrematic C-Class commercial fan.

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