How to Protect Your Commercial Building with Overhead Door – Fireking 631 Series- Rolling Steel Fire Rated Service Door in Austin, Texas.

Fire is one of the most essential elements of our life. With fire, we can cook, we can protect ourselves from cold. But sometimes, in a blink of an eye, our lives can be taken away. Even in our businesses. Fire can also help but can shatter our dreams to pieces.

As we invest in any business, it may be a shop, a commercial building, or a warehouse as one of the most important parts of the infrastructure is the point of entry. We decide what to use, what to invest, how it will benefit us.

Back in the day, we settle on the doors that are less secured than overhead rolling doors. Doors that are less secured and way too difficult to manipulate overtime. Gladly, with our modern technological advances, overhead commercial rolling steel doors are formulated to answer our problems.

There are many types of overhead rolling doors in the market depending on the need, the manufacturer and its purpose. But there is one overhead rolling door that surely most of the entrepreneur will consider when it comes to commercial buildings like paint booths, material storage locations, warehouses or even libraries.

Overhead Door Fireking 631 Series Rolling Steel Fire Rated Service Door

The Overhead Door Fireking 631 Series Rolling Steel Fire Rated Service Door is one of the examples of the overhead rolling doors, mostly designed when your establishment is required for a fire door. This type of commercial rolling steel door passed through the National Fire Protection Association for its materials and design and you will surely be interested in it.

What is so special with this Rolling Steel Fire Rated Service Door

It can accommodate 14’ (4267 mm) width and 12′ (3658 mm) height. As to its application, it is both masonry and non-masonry type. Galvanized steel,24 Gauge as the curtain material and you can choose various colors to its finish like gray, white, tan and brown.

The viscous governor controls the rate of door descent during a fire while reducing noise and vibration for quieter door operation on hoist doors. This type of door also features a mechanical auto resettable non-motor hoist that enables easy drop test and fire door reset in just seconds. The design also durable ensures you years of reliable service and drop out performance without need for additional rolling service doors.

The fusible links are attached on both sides and automatically closes the doors in case of fire. On top of its great features, unlike other rolling service doors available in Texas, it also has horns smoke detectors, strobes, and FireLite vision lite that s are available in 4-hour, 3-hour, and 11⁄2 hour labeled rolling fire doors to provide visual access through the door’s curtain slats as an added feature that you can say worth an investment. 

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