Why Choose CHI 3250 Non-Insulated Ribbed Steel Door in Orlando, Fl for Commercial, Warehouse, and Industrial Rugged Applications?

For businesses like a commercial, industrial, and warehouse having a commercial door is an investment. Business owners must be knowledgeable in choosing the type of commercial door solution for their specific business application in Orlando, Florida. 

If there’s a problem with your commercial door, you must contact an expert repair service to have them checked. You have two options, buying a replacement new door or have your doors maintained or repaired. Planned maintenance from day one of the installation will extend the life of your doors. 

Facility managers who are planning to have a new commercial door must check this non-insulated ribbed steel door features, functions, and aesthetic appearance. Ideal applications include commercial, industrial, and warehouse facilities. 

CHI 3250 Non-Insulated Ribbed Steel Door  

Model 3250 pan ribbed steel doors feature that meets your design and performance requirements. 

Design Highlights

Door Sections:

  • Section Thickness: 2”
  • Section Heights: 18”, 21” or 24” high by the width of the door.
  • Panel Material: 
    • 25-gauge commercial quality steel. Hot dipped galvanized coating.
    • Exterior: polyester primer and topcoat; available in white or RAL# powder-coating.
    • Interior: gray polyester primer and topcoat or RAL# powder-coating.
  • Panel Profile: Two horizontal ribs with alternating ‘v’ grooves.
  • Joint Design: Tongue and groove rails.
  • Insulation: Not available.
  • Center Stiles: Box style, 18-gauge galvanized steel, the full height of the section. Riveted to inside rails and face of a door.
  • End Stiles: Wrap-around box style, 18-gauge galvanized steel, the full height of the section. Riveted to inside rails and face of a door.
  • Tracks: 2” tracks are roll-formed 17-gauge galvanized steel for doors up to 8′-0″ in height. Doors over 8’-0” through 10’-0” will be 16-gauge track. Doors exceeding 10’-0” in height will be 14-gauge track. All 3” track will be 12 gauge. Tracks to be mounted with track brackets, clip mount angle, or continuous jamb angle. Lower tracks are adjustable to ensure weather-tight fit. Horizontal tracks to be reinforced with angle (min 13 gauge) according to door size and weight.
  • Hardware: Graduated heavy-duty hinges (min 14 gauge), top fixtures (min 12 gauge), and bottom fixtures (min 13 gauge), are made of galvanized steel. Rollers have 10 ball bearings with case-hardened steel tire on a solid shaft.
  • Spring Counterbalance: Oil tempered torsion springs are mounted on a cross header shaft supported by a galvanized steel ball-bearing end plates and center bracket(s). Springs are custom-designed for exact door weight, size, and trajectory in accordance with current ANSI 102 standards for a minimum of 10,000 cycles. Counterbalance is transferred through galvanized aircraft quality cables secured to the  bottom of the door. Springs may be custom specified for higher cycles when available.
  • Trussing: Galvanized trussing provided according to door size and design.
  • Weather-seal: Double contact bottom floor seal full width of the door. Optional header and jamb seals
  • Locking: Optional inside slide lock, outside center lock with automatic latch or double lock bar lock.
  • Window Lites: Optional 24”x6” or 24”x12” with 1/8” DSB or polycarbonate.
  • Aluminum Full-View:
    • Optional aluminum frame to match sizes and panel layout of steel sections.
    • Optional field glazing, 1/8” DSB, 1/4” tempered glass or 1/8” polycarbonate.
  • Installation / Framing: Torsion spring mounting pads, jamb plates, header plates, and associated track system hangers shall be furnished by other than C.H.I. All installation quality and workmanship are the responsibility of the contractor and are to be executed in accordance with C.H.I. installation instructions, local and state building codes, and worksite safety regulations. 

Section Construction:

  • 2″ thick pan sections
  •  25-gauge steel exterior
  • Ribbed Panel Profile (2 horizontal ribs with alternating “v” grooves)

Size: Max standard size 20’2″ wide x 16′ high


  • White
  • Stock RAL powder-coat option in 188 colors
  • Various accessories and options available 

**R-Values have been calculated in accordance with ASTM C518 standards. 

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