What Should You Look for When Buying a Garage Door in Jacksonville, FL?

Buying a garage door can be quite daunting to get your head around all of the information that is required in order to make an informed decision. Your quick guide is here to help you understand the different types of garage doors in Jacksonville FL.

Choosing garage doors is not an everyday task, and they are not cheap, so it is important to get it right especially when it comes to garage door installation. There is a range of factors to consider beyond the obvious factor of the budget. With such a huge range of types and price options, it can be confusing making the right decision.

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Now let’s talk about garage doors and what you should look for in choosing a garage door in Jacksonville, Florida.

Types of garage doors: 

  • swinging out (also known as side hung)
  • going up (also known as up and over, available in rolling or sectional configurations)
  • sliding to the side (also known as side sliding)

Key factors in choosing a garage door: 

  • Budget; how much can you afford, typically weighed against all the other factors below
  • Security; how much protection from a would-be intruder do the doors offer and do you need
  • Maintenance required; how much time and effort are you going to have to spend keeping your doors looking good and working well
  • Insulation; how the doors should prevent heat from escaping from the garage – are you going to use it as a utility room or just for the car?
  • Color: the range of colors will be affected by your choice of door type and the material it will be made from

In summary, your constraints when choosing garage doors include:

  • The size of the opening to fit the doors
  • The match to your front door
  • Any planning constraints
  • Space available to open the doors

Types of materials used for garage doors: 

  • Steel
  • aluminum
  • timber
  • glass reinforced polyester or glass fiber.

Whatever the reason for purchasing a garage door, there are things to consider. The world of garage doors is full of different styles. Many automatic and electric garage doors offer unparalleled convenience, while some people prefer the no-thrills and durability of sectional garage doors.

When you buy a garage door in Jacksonville FL you rarely think about the little extras. However, you may want to consider the other bits and pieces which make owning your garage doors more convenient, safer, and even the ways they can help reduce bills.

At American Roll-Up Door Company, a Division of DuraServ, we offer optional extras such as devices to operate all models of doors, and safety products to deter criminals. It can sometimes be more cost-effective to buy these extras at the same time – so it is better to consider these early.If you’re in the market for a garage door and need some more advice, American Roll-Up Door Company is here to help. We have over 39 years of experience in selling and fitting garage doors and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to what door will be the perfect fit for our customers, whether for residential or industrial environments. Fill in the service request form on the page. Get your questions answered or place an order today!