Best Commercial Doors for Businesses in Southwest Florida

Choosing the right commercial doors in Southwest Florida for your business is very important. Action Automatic Door and Gate has a large option of commercial door services for today’s owners to create and find the right door for your business needs, with the help of our professionally trained staff we will help you with your commercial door needs. We have products from: 

Why Choose Action Automatic Door and Gate? 

Action Automatic Door and Gate, a division of DuraServ, is an overhead door and commercial door company with over 39 years of experience in both residential and commercial fields. We work closely with both our customers and manufacturers to ensure high-quality overhead door products and customer service.

Action Automatic Door and Gate has been the trusted Commercial Door provider of businesses in Southwest Florida and nearby Counties. Here are some Commercial Doors you can choose from:

Clopay Steel Doors

  • Heavy-duty line of doors from Clopay
  • ribbed doors offer maintenance-free performance for industrial and commercial facilities. 
  • Many optional windows and track configurations are available.

Clopay Insulated Steel Doors 3000 Series

Clopay Full – View Doors

Clopay Full - View Doors
  • Ideal for firehouses, car washes, service stations and other applications where visibility is desired. 
  • Two models available, with a variety of glazing options and panel designs to your architectural or application requirements.

Cornell Rolling Service Doors

Cornell Rolling Service Doors
  • Offers little to no maintenance 
  • Flexible sizing
  • Low life-cycle costs 
  • Compact storage
  • Suitable for a range of industries, including retail, distribution, health care, transportation, and education. 

Cornell Thermiser Max Insulated Rolling Doors Model ESD30

  • Intended for use in exterior openings where maintaining environmental separation on each side of the door is desired or required.
  • Great for a number of industries, including distribution, education, health care, industrial, transportation and retail.

Cornell Rolling Steel Fire Doors

  • Two models of fire doors and insulated fire doors can be operated by fail-safe motor-operated systems, manually and by a hand crank. 
  • Manufactured for up to four hours of fire protection to meet today’s demands.

Cornell Rolling Counter Doors

  • Offers flexible sizing
  • Compact storage 
  • Low life-cycle costs 
  • Little to no maintenance 
  • Perfect for cafeterias, stadiums, arenas, and other such large facilities. Specialty counter door models also available.

Cornell Fire-Rated Counter Doors

  • These rolling steel fire-rated counter doors are manufactured to stringent qualities and full-duty protection standards. 
  • Durability
  • Simplicity of use
  • Proven protection is all built-in.

Cornell Rolling Grilles

Cornell Rolling Grilles
  • Offer sophisticated open-air designs or a clear panel option for the best in security and pleasing aesthetics.

Cornell Side-Folding Grilles

Cornell Side Folding Grilles
  • Two open and closed models provide security and access control in openings up to 12 feet high. 
  • Offered in clear or color-anodized finishes
  • Manufactured to stringent ISO qualities.

Cornell Emergency Response Products

  • Offer the safety and security you want for better peace of mind. 
  • Choose from a nice variety of: 
  • Full-size fire doors
  • Counterfire doors
  • Emergency response grills, and all associated accessories and parts.

Janus Roll-Up Sheet Doors

Janus Roll Up Sheet Doors
  • Provides the most rust-resistant steel door available. 
  • A heavy-duty bottom bar withstands the external elements
  • Full bulb-type bottom weatherstrip ensures proper fit along with irregular floors.

Janus International Model 3100 Series

  • Certified wind-load rated rolling sheet door meets wind loads required by even the most stringent building codes. 
  • User-friendly
  • Offering quick installation
  • Smooth operation

Janus International Model 3400 Series

  • This model is Janus’s Miami-Dade County-certified wind-load rated rolling sheet door that meets specific geographic building codes. 
  • Independent laboratory testing proves durability and strength. Key features include quick installation and ease of use.

Janus International Model 3652 Series

  • This is another quality rolling sheet door by Janus, certified wind-load rated to meet stringent building codes. 
  • Durability and strength have been independently tested, and like other Janus products is quick to install and easy to use.
  • Pioneer Dock Seals, Shelters, Bumpers, & Levelers
Pioneer Dock Seals, Shelters, Bumpers, & Levelers

If you’re ready to put a commercial door to work in your business, contact Action Automatic Door and Gate. Don’t leave your business to chance. Take advantage of Action Doors’ top-rated commercial doors to improve the safety and functionality of your building. As Southwest Florida’s trusted residential garage door and commercial door expert, the team at Action Automatic Door and Gate can help you find the fire door best suited for your specific needs. Give us a call today

You can contact Action Door at 239-768-3667 (Lee County), 239-643-3667 (Collier County)941-627-0150 (Charlotte County), and 800-375-3667 (Southwest Florida).