Wayne Dalton – FireStar 700 Rolling Steel Fire Door an Innovative Solution for Fire Protection of Commercial Facilities in Sterling, VA

Wayne Dalton - FireStar 700

Safety is an essential part of living, for it is a state of not being able to get harmed by unexpected circumstances, however, a lot of people do not consider safety.    

Accidents by fire may seldom be a cause for injuries, but injuries leave permanent marks on the person, places or establishments. Damage it may cause is much more expensive than that of safety measures. Would you like to spend more than what you can afford? For example, a warehouse full of ignitable or paper materials, your storage must contain safety features against fire attracting weather and protects storage while maintaining its thermal integrity. 

Likewise or commercial establishmentsbusinesses with rolling steel doors are manageable not just by its feature in which you can install rolling steel doors with large structural openings so that the transfer of materials, to your storage can be easier, but also designed as weather-resistant, and fire protection safety.

For over 60 years, Wayne-Dalton flourishes their expertise in designing a residential and commercial garage door that started from building wooden doors from parts being made in Wisconsin. 

Over the next several years, the company expanded and added more products to its line, including steel commercial rolling doorshigher energy-efficient insulated garage doors, and the invention of Thermo span doors, which propelled the company ahead of its competition. From custom wood to classic steel to carriage house to designer fiberglass, they have garage doors to suit every style of home and budget, plus tons of color to choose from, window, and decorative hardware options to truly customize it as your own.  

Now the innovation still continues and they have formulated a rolling door that answers a “How to protect your properties from any forms of weather damage situation”.

Realizing the global climate change, especially in Sterling, VA’s climates, as characterized by hot and humid summers which also can attract natural fire when unacknowledged, Wayne-Dalton has the solution. 

Unlike any other commercial rolling steel doors, Wayne-Dalton Firestar Rolling Steel Fire Doors provide a practical and innovative solution to safety and fire protection.  

When it comes to its safety, Firestar rolling doors can be drop tested easily and reset in a matter of seconds at any time. And it guarantees you that it is user-friendly and resetting would not require a technician to help and would function well in case of events of the fire. 

When it comes to Wayne-Dalton’s Firestar Rolling Steel Fire Doors, reliability, these doors were tested and approved for a minimum of 20, 000 cycles to meet the requirements of famous agencies such as Underwriters Laboratories and Factory Mutual and to conform to NFPA Standard 80. Wayne-Dalton incorporates one standardized component design for all FireStar Rolling doors that regardless of its size, these doors utilize few parts than other models. It reduces also the chance of having a possibility of potential help from technicians in the future.  

Wayne Dalton – FireStar 700 Rolling Steel Fire Door

Key Features: ·         

  • Planetary Gear Design: Approved and Tested
  • Cycles (Planetary Gear Design): 20,000 cycles (Min.)
  • Technology: Viscous Governor
  • Mechanism: Preassembled(Drop-out)
  • Cable Routing: Single Fusible Link
  • Motor: Chain Hoist/Lift Up or Crank Operation
  • Standardized Component Design: All Door(Sizes)
  • Available: Left-hand or right-hand operation
  • Approved: UL / FM approved
  • Smoke Control/Draft Package: SmokeTite® UL labeled

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