How a High-Speed Door Boost Auto Dealerships Performance in Shreveport, LA?

As based on statistical data reported last year, automakers in America had sold more than 17 million vehicles in the U.S. for a fifth consecutive year in 2019, an extraordinary achievement.

Even though the American auto industry had achieved one of its many success stories, but for some, the challenge has not reached its full potential.

With the emergence of new modern marketing concepts and state-of-the-art technological innovations, the automotive business industry shifted to modern techniques like branding and modern-day technological strategies. 

In heeding the call of the auto industry, Southern Dock Products, a Division of DuraServ, the largest distributor in the world for the leading manufacturers of dock equipment and hi-speed doors, offers its latest high-performance doors – Rytec Spiral VP Direct Drive Door model. 

Designed for auto dealerships in mind and features sleek, aesthetic styling, quiet functioning, and reliable operation. Perfect for business applications like auto dealers and service centers, automotive facilities, general warehousing, and parking garages. Below are some of its advantages and benefits that will surely boost up more profits to your auto business:

Aesthetic and Attractive Appeal

With Rytec Spiral VP Direct Drive Door, your car showroom customer service lounges will be transformed into an impressive marketing forefront profit-maker by showing transparency and positive visual character of your company to impress customers. Aesthetically designed, the slats are available in a variety of optimal colors to compliment the look and the feel of your facility. 

As modern car showrooms, these days are designed with large windows in a wall allowing separation of the shop area and service lounge/hand-over bay, the Spiral VP Direct Drive Door lets the customers feel the spirit of openness, visibility, and transparency of your business aspects from pre-sales to post-sales. Enticing more customers to create trust and honesty, which in the long run builds integrity and more dollar profits.    

Additionally, with Rytec’s direct-drive doors restaurants and hospitality-focused setting businesses can now create an appeal and ambiance in a transitional indoor-outdoor space strategy, providing more customer-driven market opportunities with great profits.  

Fast and Improved Productivity

Rytec Spiral VP Direct Drive Door is high-performance and high-speed doors, fast for opening/closing cycles saves time and increases productivity. Engineered with an AC drive permitting 60 inches per second, allowing independent opening and closing speeds that optimize traffic flow, operation efficiency, and provide flexibility to meet any auto industry demands.

Additionally, customers will be amazed and impressed when the service bay door or the drive-in customer service entrances opens and closes many times over faster than a traditional door. The faster customers can pull in and park on the service drive, the faster the operations be processed and results in faster company gains.     

Highly Durable and Increased Security 

The revolutionary spiral door has a rigid construction door, made with iodized and reinforced rigid aluminum slats, and durable against extreme weather conditions. Designed with a strong rubber membrane that covers the hinges and when combined with full-height weather seals it provides full protection against harsh weather conditions, dust pollution, and drafts which in turn can save valuable energy dollars and lower maintenance costs. Ideally best for service stations, car washes, and auto dealerships where office locations have fast-changing weather seasons.   

The Rytec direct drive door increases security and safeguards your investments. Featured with built-in security functions and its fast open/close times lessen the risks of unauthorized entry on your facility.  Suitable for applications like general warehousing, parking garages and high-security facilities that need less security maintenance at the same time without sacrificing its functionality.  

Silent and Easy Operability

The advance spiral technology removes the metal-to-metal contact as can be seen on some cranky doors, the rigid slats travel on rollers within the track providing a smooth whisper-quiet operation on your facility. 

Rytec Spiral VP Direct Drive Door state-of-the-art System 4 AC Drive and Controller can be programmed to open and close only as to the desired height of the vehicle allowing total flexibility while controlling the environment and beneficially lowering operational costs.        

Totally Safe 

As all Rytec doors, the spiral is totally safe. The state-of-the-art- technology dual photo beam is capable of reversing the door when an object, car or person contacts its door path, making the door bounce upward and away from its contact. Additionally, has a safety featured manual door release, which can provide an emergency egress in case of electrical power failure.

Suitably best for busy auto center facilities and auto dealers, wherein emergency cases you can effectively shut off sections of your busy work areas in a quick fashion manner so that the risk of harm is lessened and making it safe for your workers and facility equipment.

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