3 Reasons Why Sectional Doors are Perfect for Warehouse Applications

Keeping up with hard times due to climate change and an unpredictable economic situation, you cannot gamble with the quality of your possessions and decisions.  Nowadays, you can make sure that your goods and possessions are safe and in excellent condition with sectional doors. They are user-friendly, convenient, and safe. Installing a sectional door in your warehouse will give you three important benefits: a valuable asset; an aesthetic finish; and a tough build.

A Valuable Asset

When you opt for a sectional steel door, you have not only chosen a strong material but you have also acquired an asset that is worth the price. Just think of how durable and long-lasting this door will serve your purposes. A Wayne Dalton sectional door, specifically Model C-24, is made of 24-gauge ribbed steel sections that come in different sizes and structures that you can customize according to your need and preference. Its two inches by three inches box-stile design along with the tongue and groove assembly gives vertical strength and stability. High quality and strong adhesive put the stiles thoroughly on the skin of the door that results in additional strength and complete insulation. These features are excellent for the commercial sectional door of warehouses where you have to store bulks of goods and frequently open and close.

This is surely a cost-effective choice because you do not have to spend extra on repair and maintenance.

An Aesthetic Finish

Model C-24 Sectional Steel Door is not only strong and long-lasting, but it is also designed with an over-all aesthetic effect. Because this model comes in different sizes, colors, and structures, you can order and install it according to your preferred specifications. This door is engineered, constructed, and designed to heighten the architectural beauty of your building.

You can maintain or even enhance the total appeal of your building that will truly give you an added sense of satisfaction that you have made a really wise decision.

A Tough Build 

Wayne Dalton’s C-24 sectional steel doors have a finishing of 24-gauge hot-dipped galvanized sections that are roll-formed to a full two inches thickness to assure you of ultimate toughness and stability. Also, to prevent rust and leakage along with the bolts, fully-fitted three inches wide boxed stiles are attached with heavy-duty glue. The bottom door, the perimeter, and between sections are sealed to minimize the entry of air and keep the ideal temperature of the building. Moreover, insulation and weather stripping are included at an R-value of 7.6 and a U-value of 0.13. Your warehouse will surely benefit from this sturdy, well-engineered sectional doors.

These three important benefits are all found in Wayne Dalton Model C-24 Steel Sectional Door of The BestDoor Company. You can visit our website or call our friendly professional technicians for more information.

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