What are the Design Highlights and Benefits of Serco Air Powered Edge-of-Dock for Commercial Loading Docks in Austin, Texas

The SERCO series air-powered edge-of-dock leveler is paired with an air-powered lifting system with a convenient operation with the use of a push button. It takes the manual labor out of the loading and unloading trailers for greater efficiency. The Serco air powered edge dock gives a reliable performance that cuts down on the cost of ownership since there are no springs to repair or replace with the use of a patented air bag lift system. Included in the other premium features of Serco air powered dock leveler is a lug-style lip hinge for more strength and durability together with tire laminated bumpers and maintenance strut. 

Serco Air Powered Edge-of-Dock in Austin, Texas have alternative and affordable to portable plates that are ideal for medium-traffic loading docks. This type of effective loading dock leveler ascends to the face of the dock to ensure that the loading and unloading trailers are easy. You will get the reliable durability you are seeking with more improved performance that will not break your budget. 

Serco Air Powered Edge-of-Dock Model

Design Highlights

  • it has push-button operates that diminishes the manual lifting-high volume is clear, and the airbag lift system is pressured low
  • the system can lift operations under extreme temperatures of -65 to 180 F (-53 to 82 C)
  • Exclusive Lug Style Lip Hinge provides superior strength and extended life
  • high strength steel tread plate (ramp and lip)
  • robotic welding for improved strength, quality and consistency
  • operating range is from 5” above to 5” below dock
  • effective working range is from 3” above to 3” below dock-lower profile design lessens interference with material handling equipment
  • slanted lip edge gives smooth interface with trailers
  • tire laminated bumpers linked to steel bumper blocks
  • exclusive EZ
  • hang installation system simplifies installation-integral maintenance/service strut 

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