How a Serco Hydraulic Dock Leveler Model HLQ Improves Industrial Operation in Miami, FL

The warehousing industry has invented numerous technological advancements throughout the years. One element which has earned vital importance is a dock leveler, generally because it is essential for unloading and loading trailers and trucks. Most significantly, dock levelers help lessen the probability of accidents and increase productivity.

To make a simple terminology, dock levelers are permanent fixtures placed at the dock’s door. It consists of a metal plate known as a lip. It is placed in a stowed position and functions by being lowered onto the trailer’s or truck’s body. These levelers are amenable for various and specific functions and can either be telescopic or hinged. Similarly, they can also be automatic or manually such as hydraulic dock leveler Miami FL. Before you decide on a dock leveler, consider the following factors in order to pick and pinpoint the best options:

What you need the leveler for?

When determining the ideal leveler, you ought to determine if you will be utilizing a forklift to load and unload the trucks, and how much weight capacity you will need.

Levelers like the hydraulic ones offered by Serco hydraulic dock leveler HLQ Miami FL are well-suited and the right choice for handling heavy loads. If you have wide trailers coming to your dock, make sure you select one that is too functional to meet all those criteria.


The width and the length of the dock leveler are intended by the vehicles that visit your warehouse. High capacity trailers with a bed of 6-18 inches have become popularly known. Low profile tires and air ride suspensions are likewise gaining popularity. These create a gigantic gap between the truck bed and the dock. Hence, you require a dock leveler that is long enough to ensure a smooth operation like the recommended Serco hydraulic dock leveler, highly suitable for food beverages applications where speed and high performance are high requirements.  


The safety of your workers and your workplace is necessary if you wish to operate a productive business. Thus, it is highly recommended to have a safe dock leveler. Take ample time before deciding on a dock leveler to ensure all factors regarding the goods being loading and offloaded and the truck specs are taken into full consideration.

For loading docks that accept a higher volume of loading and unloading operations, a Serco hydraulic dock leveler HLQ and even hydraulic dock levelerare best suited. These are more powerful and rugged. They are capable of handling the workload of even the highest volume manufacturing docks for industrial operations where safety and security are top priorities. Henceforth, it totally improves industrial operations in Miami, FL.

Serco Hydraulic Dock Leveler Model HLQ 

Design Highlights:

  • Latest New Design: Exclusive SafeTFrame® Design/ CLEAN FRAME® Design
  • Powered-in/Powered-out Lip Extension: Patented HYDRA MAX® 
  • Hydraulics: Regenerative/ Hydraulic Lip: Yieldable 
  • Control Panel (Non-Interlock Capable): Non-Metallic Push-button 
  • Power: Single Phase or Three Phase
  • Velocity Fuse Safety Stop: Hydraulic 
  • Toe Guards: Full Operating Range 
  • End loading Capability: Below-dock 
  • Lip Standard: 16″
  • Strut & Lip Support Latch: Integral Maintenance 
  • Dock Bumpers: Mushroom-style Stop Button
  • Hydraulic Lip Control: Independent /Quick Cycle
  • Control Panel(Interlock Capable): Steel NEMA 12 

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