Commercial Door and Loading Dock Design in Toronto, CA

Most businesses with facilities focus their operation on loading docks, they know loading docks are the starting and ending points of their warehouse operation.    

Loading docks get a fair share of products, workers, and equipment daily. An efficient loading dock design is a must to have a win-win end-result in terms of productivity, efficiency, and bottom-line.

We at The BestDoor Company, a division of DuraServ shares some fundamentals of loading dock designs and loading docks equipment like commercial doors for your loading dock business application in Toronto, CA.  

Why it’s important to design your loading dock?

Loading Dock Design

Warehouses are designed to have different departments. Each department has its functions and operations, loading docks are the busiest and most critical working area in any facility. 

Loading docks should be designed based on the business plan that suits the needs of a certain facility. A company’s employee’s welfare and safety is a company’s top priority to ensure their security, productivity.

Our The BestDoor Team of Experts for Commercial Doors in Toronto can work with your architects and/or facility manager to get involved in your loading dock design from inception. To learn more, our experts for Industrial Doors in Toronto can give you options with our loading dock designs.

How does a loading dock work?

A loading dock is a sunken bay in a freight terminal or warehouse that allows loading and unloading of trucks. When delivery of goods and products are being moved in and out of a facility, more than likely it’s logistically moving through a loading dock.

Loading Docks can be used for short trips and as well long haul trips depending on the delivery and types of products being delivered. Perfect for big items or special deliveries as well. At The Best Door in Toronto, we offer many loading dock solutions including Refrigeration, Security, and More to customize your individual needs.

What are the commercial door types?

In any type of business application, commercial doors not only give passageway to workers and transport vehicles, but they also allow access for unloading and loading of goods, provide security, storage for heavy equipment, vehicles, and more.

Here we have some common types of commercial doors suitably best for your facility:

1. Roll-up doors

Typically built from strong materials-such as steel or aluminum to provide protection and security against weather elements, and burglary.

Being one of the leaders in the door industry in Canada, Our docks seals in Toronto, offers premium commercial high-performance doors, a large variety of loading dock equipment and energy-saving products.

Wayne Dalton – Model DS100 Rolling Sheet Door

2. Fire-rated doors

Fire-rated doors are somewhat like roll-up doors, however, it offers an additional layer of protection for your property specifically – fire hazards. They are made from durable and thick stainless steel that offers superb insulation.

Our dock restraints in Toronto can deliver top of the line service to accommodate our Commercial customers’ needs. To learn more about our commercial door products, click here.

3. Security Grilles

Security Grilles are typically seen in commercial establishments, where it is available in side-folding or upward-coiling models. Usually made of aluminum or galvanized steel offering security features and designs to fit your business needs.  

Our hydraulic leveler in Toronto can provide loading dock equipment and commercial door installations such as new constructions, remodels, and turnkey solutions.

4. Sectional doors

Sectional doors are designed and engineered with insulation features offering property noise reduction and thermal isolation. These doors give you options with different styles such as tracks, hardware, metal gauges, glazing, and panel profiles alternatives.

Our hydraulic leveler service in Toronto has OEM Parts and Accessories that can minimize downtime, maximizing productivity, stock inventory and parts availability.

Who do you contact to find the right industrial or commercial doors for your loading dock in Toronto, CA?

With hundreds of door manufacturing companies and dealers all over Toronto, CA, for a ‘newbie’ facility manager or business owner, the task to find the right industrial or commercial door can be overwhelming. Considering the work plan includes complying with government regulations, building codes, and facility requirements, in total it is complicated and exhausting.  

For your ‘One-Stop-Shop for Commercial Doors and Loading Dock Equipment – The BestDoor Company, a division of DuraServ, suitably the perfect solution for your loading dock business in Toronto, CA.

Albany Model 355 High Speed Door

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