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The loading and unloading of goods and equipment take place on a loading dock. Commercial facilities’ loading dock systems provide easy access for the transfer of commodities. Loading docks are designed and engineered for warehouses, retail businesses, manufacturing operations, commercial establishments, and industrial applications.

DuraServ Corp carries the full line of Kelly and Serco dock levelers and lifts and APS brand loading dock accessories. Connect with us online or call us today at 800-994-2361 for a free quote.

Loading Dock Levelers

  • Air-powered dock levelers provide operational efficiency, reliability, and are a low-maintenance solution with a simple push-button activation to raise the deck.
  • Hydraulic dock levelers are specially designed to handle the fast pace of busy loading docks and offer high-performance, low-maintenance, fast, easy, and safe push-button operation.
  • Mechanical dock levelers set the industry standard for durability, dependability, operator safety, and are built to last with unlimited float hold-down.
  • Specialty dock levelers provide reliable powered up and powered down performance.

Dock and in-plant lifts provide versatile, ergonomic, and safe lifting for virtually any material.

Loading Dock Options are effective solutions to protect loading dock systems from outdoor elements and expensive repairs.

United States Most Trusted Loading Dock Solutions

DuraServ Corp offers complete solutions for commercial loading dock system demands from designingsalesinstallation, and service. Our expert sales consultants help discover the perfect solution for your loading dock needs within your budget.

DuraServ was awarded the 2019 Serco/Kelly Top Volume Distributor for the 16th year.

Connect with DuraServ Corp online or call us today at 800-994-2361!

8 Ways to Improve Efficiency at Your Loading Dock Systems in the United States

The busiest part of a warehouse or facility is the loading docks. With so much equipment, trailer trucks, goods and items, and employees moving around, it can be so difficult and hard to make it more efficient and improve its productivity.

How loading dock works?

The pieces of equipment in the loading dock have their separate and distinct duties and functions. Every piece of equipment works with a diverse function that when put together creates an effective harmonization that results in profitability.

8 Ways to maximize its efficiency to increase the productivity of your loading dock area:

  • Maximizing Proper Airflow

A good and well-ventilated facility will allow employees to stay comfortable and healthy as possible, which will raise their morale, increase work productivity, and more dollar profits coming in. Facility airflow can be improved by installing HVLS Fans.

Serco Industrial HVLS fans are designed to improve airflow and energy savings, providing a gentle breeze that equates to a 4-7 degree reduction in the perceived temperature. They are also effective at keeping produce, products, and surfaces drier, reducing spoilage and potential safety hazards.

  • Good Lighting

By properly lighting up the loading dock bay’s loading and unloading areas, the workers can speed up their workloads and manage properly around their equipment and devices in a safe manner. 24/7 safety lights can provide a safe working environment by preventing hazards and accidents from happening.

Poly Head Dock Light & Fan Combo – An illuminated truck trailer allows your employees to safely load and unload quickly and efficiently! Now you can improve poor lighting and ventilation at your dock.

APS Dock Strobe Maintenance Light – Dock Strobe uses state-of-the-art technology to provide brighter flashes and extended use.

dock strobe
  • High-Performance Equipment 

The Serco Hydraulic Dock Leveler Model HFC and Kelley KA Air-Powered Edge-Of-Dock Leveler are the most efficient and essential high-performance dock leveler options. With a touch of a button, they will automatically function with efficiency, stability, and more savings with its low-cost maintenance features.

The Serco Hydraulic Dock Leveler Model HFC includes standard features like the exclusive SafeTFrame® design and patented HYDRAMAX power-in/power-out lip control, along with auto return-to-dock functionality and quick cycle lip extend. An interlock capable push-button control panel and mushroom-style stop button improve safety, keeping you and your crew in full control.

Loading Dock Leveler

The Kelley KA Series Air-Powered Edge of Dock Leveler features patented air bag lifting technology and its push-button operation eliminates manual lifting. It is designed to provide your loading dock with maximum efficiency, reliable performance, and a lower cost of ownership than other Edge of Dock systems.

  • Safe Zones

As always, safety first. Safety measures can be done with safety equipmentand devices like APS Medium Duty Trailer Stabilizer, OSHA recommends trailer stabilizers for unsupported trailers, and Dock Guard™ Safety Barrier Lip, which protects personnel, goods, and equipment from accidentally rolling off the dock. Remember a safe loading dock is a profitable loading dock.

  • Strict Compliance of Procedures

To ensure efficiency and safety, all dock equipment, and employees at the loading dock area should follow highly systematized company procedures. That is why DuraServ Corp has a maximized operational and improved energy efficiencies by providing and installing the right products to meet the demands of today’s competitive environment. Offering loading dock services such as for new construction, remodeling, and Turnkey Solutions, across the nation for manufacturing, food pharmaceutical, and beverage industries.

  • Communication

Proper, clear, and constant communication assures the loading dock processes involving the loading, unloading, and vehicle departure to take place safely and efficiently. The APS LED Guide Lights provides a light communication feature that sends safety signals to dock staff and truck drivers during unloading and loading workloads. 

A loading dock will be useless without loading dock levelers, one of the most essential equipment that safely speeds up the process and eliminating unnecessary workloads. DuraServ Corp offers a variety of dock levelers like mechanical dock levelers, hydraulic dock levelers, air-powered dock levelers, and specialty dock levelers.

As tested and proven loading dock products such as Serco mechanical dock leveler, Kelly hydraulic dock leveler, and Kelley Air Powered AFXC Dock Leveler, are aneconomical solution and can provide an efficient system during the loading and unloading of goods to maintain safe and productive relevant delivery.

AFX C Air Powered Dock Leveler
  • Trailer and Truck Restraints 

Vehicle restraint is a must for loading docks. During the unloading process, when a truck docks they need to be secured and safely stable to avoid misalignments that can cause hazards and accidents.

Kelley Model Star-4 Automatic Truck Restraint – The restraining arm is raised and lowered automatically at the touch of a button by a dependable linear actuator drive system.

Serco Pit-Bull Truck Restraint Model SL60 – Powered vehicle restraints provide automatic push-button activation with advanced electronics and standard LED communication systems for increased dock safety and security.

truck restraints

Considering all the means necessary at your disposal, you can finally have an efficient loading dock that operates on time and safe and offers several benefits such as increase customer satisfaction, low maintenance costs, and more company profits.

DuraServ received an award as 2019 Serco/Kelly’s top volume distributor for the 16th Year.

2019 Serco/Kelly Top Volume Distributor for the 16th year

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