What are the 8 Design Benefits of TKO Thermalweight Knock-Out Door for Food & Beverage Industries in Connecticut?

Every year some loading dock facility managers still have a dilemma on how to save on cost and expenses on their warehouses. One decision that may drain a company budget is their commercial doors. While some facilities do have knock outdoors but don’t last long until the warranty expires, and others need upgrades to retrofit to their changing modernization needs. Check out Just-Rite Equipment, a Division of Duraserv – TKO Thermalweight Knock-Out Door’s design benefits for Food & Beverage Industries in Connecticut: 

Benefit No 1: Strong and Highly Durable

Built with heavy-duty galvanized steel hinges with damage resistant polymer interior makes it strong against moderate to severe track impacts. Durable for long years of use that has a 1-year performance warranty for test and trial runs. Ideally suitable for busy loading docks where workload processes are high demand. 

Benefit No 2: Saves more time and expenses

For having designed with full height Impact-A-Track™ that provides full protection against the most abusive impacts from bottom to top and the plungers are retractable and heavy-duty, allowing the door to release from the opening upon impact, can save more time and expenses for not slowing down the workload process. Additionally, has a 5-year impact warranty that saves a lot of money against replacements and upgrades. 

Benefit No 3: Tightly Sealed

Custom-built with flexible double loop bottom seal making an airtight fit to the floor thus sealing off and controlling against temperature changes from both environments. With its 4” thick, moisture-resistant, insulated foam core panel protects and safeguards your goods and items against unwanted creeping creatures from spoiling and damages. Additionally, has a high R-value in temperature-controlled environments like food & beverage and pharmaceutical industries.  

Benefit No 4: Enhances Safety

As always, every product of Duraserv is safely designed and approved. The consistent seal attached to the door panel versus the door jamb secures for the safety of the workers against accidents and hazards. 

Thus avoiding unwanted expenses and safety costs, that affect the bottom line of any company. 

Benefit No 5: Total Energy-saver

The tight perimeter weather seal incorporates a double loop sealing that prevents unwanted energy loss. The tight seals separate environments by not allowing the hot and cold temperatures to transfer together that can create an energy loss and wastage.     

Benefit No 6: Easy and Comfortable Operability

Designed with rugged door lifting handles (two per door) makes working conditions of workers an easy, convenient and comfortable operation. Such worker-friendly designs promote good welfare to its workers and avoiding a highly conducive and stressful working environment. 

Benefit No 7: Security-smart Designs

The simple and secured one lock security designs help conveniently workers from building a stressful working environment that can cause accidents and hazards from happening.    

Benefit No 8: Flexible Wind-load Option

Ruggedly built against extreme weather conditions like typhoons and hurricanes, makes it suitable for any type of environmental condition. Perfect for facilities located in harsh environments and extreme working conditions. 

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