The Advantages of TKO Welterweight Knock-Out Door for Loading Dock System in Louisiana

Damaged doors are one of the most common problems in busy loading docks. It drains valuable resources and affects your bottom line. The TKO Welterweight Dock Door is created to avoid damage to door panels and track when impacted and is the industry’s most durable door. 

TKO Welterweight Knockout Door is a door facility that planners chooses because of durability, security and can save expenses. This high speed door features TKO’s unique impact design. It is spring-loaded, polymer, capped steel plungers. In addition, it has a wooden core that is tough and durable barrier against forklift impacts. 

Below are the advantages of TKO Welterweight Knock Out Door

  • This high performance door has a full height of a 12 gauge galvanized steel track standard
  • This knock out doors have an Optional Impact-A-Track that provides total protection against the most abusive impacts from top to bottom
  • one of its advantages is its heavy-duty, retractable plungers allow the door to let go from the opening upon impact
  • its tight perimeter Weatherseal gets rid of air infiltration and light gaps. Seals are attached to the door panel, keeping them out of danger’s way to supply a consistent seal
  • it has heavy-duty fabric hinges
  • included in these knock out door is its one lock security
  • rugged door lifting handles (two per door)
  • availability of flexible bottom seal for airtight fit to the floor
  • and has available wind load option

When it comes to options and accessories, it also has its advantages:

  • it is non-insulated with ¾” thick, 7-ply wood core panel and durable enough to handle any heavy impacts
  • its double knock out header track allows the door to knock out in both directions at the top of the door opening
  • the clear vision panel is 2’’ high. It runs with the full width of the door to supply energy-saving sunlight inside and full visibility outside the facility. 
  • You can choose from 3 kinds of window panes: Single pane, double pane or vented rectangular windows
  • Additional exterior color options are available upon request 
  • The chain hoist can be powered-operated or manual chain
  • There is available e-lift that is adjustable in counterweight system in lieu of springs

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