What are the Features of a Rolling Sheet Door for Mini Storage Buildings in Toronto, CA

Self-storage and mini storage buildings are booming in Canada. In that great discrepancy, the domestic industry senses room for growth. Industry insiders are monitoring the development of almost three dozen new sites in and around Toronto, CA. And the best option is to have a Rolling Sheet Door.

For mini-warehouse and self-storage buildings that need to stand up to inclement weather and heavy winds, you need rolling sheet doors that are solid and reliable. These doors need to be customized to suit your style.

One popular brand for a rolling sheet door is Walton DS 100.

This model of rolling sheet door is designed to be versatile, durable and easy to operate. It’s composed of galvanized steel and features automatic door stops, a steel axle to support the door curtain and counterbalance system and oil-tempered steel springs for smooth cycle performance. With a variety of colors, options and sizes to choose from, these doors will fit almost any commercial application.

This model is perfect for light commercial applications with openings up to 10’ wide by 10’ high, such as mini-storage buildings, loading docks, and service buildings. 18-gauge guides allow for easy installation to masonry or steel with no special preparation or overhead tracks needed.

When it comes to commercial rolling sheet doors, Walton DS 100 is your best choice. Light commercial applications like service buildings, loading docks, and mini storage buildings benefit from this versatile rolling sheet door.

If you’re a business owner who is looking for a rolling sheet door in Toronto, CA, your best option is to look for these features: versatile, durable, easy to operate.


The continuous curtains are made from hot-dipped galvanized steel and then finished with silicone polyester paint for beauty and durability. Installation to masonry, steel or wood jambs is quick and simple — no special preparation, no overhead tracks.

There are also versatile designs that are best suited for any kind of buildings and storage.


The bottom bar assembly includes heavy-duty steel angle, extruded aluminum bottom bar, and replaceable tubular-type vinyl astragal. This type of design is not easy to break and

Its heavy-duty steel axle supports the door curtain and counterbalance system. You will be assured that your rolling sheet door will last for years!

Easy to Operate

It consists of an oil-tempered steel spring that is engineered to counterbalance different door sizes and weights for smooth, easy operation. It also has a rigid support bracket with bearings to hold constant door tension and allow easy adjustments.

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