Why Cold Storage Facilities Must Install Wayne Dalton – Thermospan 200 Insulated Sectional Door in Toronto, Canada

In cold storage facilities, opening of doors to move items in and out of the warehouse is unavoidable and happens hundreds of times a day. This is when unwanted heat enters the facility and when the cold, dry air escapes the warehouse. Frequent opening of doors results to ice crystals on the walls, ceilings and the door of the facility, as well as fogs or even ice and snow on the floor in front of the door. This will in turn result to degeneration of the system’s efficiency that will then require the refrigeration system to run longer and use more energy to make up for it which will then result to higher energy cost. Conduction problem, as well as heat infiltration is also a major concern in these facilities. Doors have to be properly insulated to avoid transmission of heat from closed doors and should have tight seals around the doors’ surfaces to prevent refrigeration loss and heat gain

The main purpose of cold storage facilities is to keep unwanted heat out of the warehouse and to maintain refrigeration. If it fails to do just this, then you’re setting yourself up for thousands and thousands of dollars to pay for your annual energy cost. 

I bet you’re asking yourself now, so what exactly is the type of doors that are ideal for cold storage facilities? Luckily for business owners in Toronto, Canada, we have just the right door for you. The Wayne Dalton – Thermospan 200 Insulated Sectional Door

Wayne Dalton – Thermospan 200 is an insulated sectional door that is known for providing premium thermal efficiency and low maintenance cost. This door has continuous foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation and a non-conductive thermal break between the inner and outer skins combine to provide a U-value of .057 and an R-value of 17.50. This energy efficient commercial sectional door is a result of a patented manufacturing process by Wayne Dalton. In this process, they have the polyurethane core continuously foamed-in-place between the outer and inner steel skins to form a homogenous sandwich of steel/polyurethane/steel. This results to exceptional thermal efficiency, strength and bonding characteristics. 

Condensation and frost will no longer be a concern with this Wayne Dalton door since the non-conductive thermal break this door has, virtually stops cold air from escaping the facility and heat from being transmitted inside the warehouse. This innovative creation keeps the interior skin at room temperature preventing moisture, frost and ice buildup. 

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