Top 10 Design Benefits of Using TKO Cruiserweight Knock-Out Door for Industrial Application in South Plainfield, NJ

TKO Cruiserweight Knockout Door

Technology increases overtime. Industrial equipment improves to lessen staffing requirements, as well as the struggle of the workers to carry out the job. That is why on warehouses or loading docks, there is the presence of forklifts that target the efficiency of the job with less manpower, less effort – more productivity.

Forklifts during the loading dock process are always possibilities for collisions, impacts, and bumps against doors. Though these doors may be made of hard steel but still vulnerable against the impact that it would be damaged, and expected lifespan of doors can be shortened. Imagine the cost for another door to buy as added expenses and the downtime it will cause for the operation. 

That is why knock out doors are specially built. It was designed to withstand the hardest in or out impacts of forklifts during the loading dock process no matter how severe it produces. These knock out doors are sets for standards of ruggedness and dependability and built specifically for work situations against bumps and impacts.

Overhead Door Company of Eastern New Jersey Commercial, a Division of Duraserv established its name when it comes to the design of different types of commercial knock out doors.

The TKO Cruiserweight Knock Out Door

The TKO Cruiserweight Knock Out Door, or TKO Knock Out Door, designed ideally for loading dock facilities where it can endure for moderate to severe panel damage, and moderate to severe damages against forklifts and other loading dock equipment. 

Highly durable and strong for applications where environments are harsh and extreme that has been approved for high wind load requirements. Able to withstand pressures of +52 and -67.5 pounds per square foot and has a wind load packaged received Florida Building Code Approval #FL13014.

The TKO Knock Out Door is flexible in size that has a full height of 12 gauge galvanized steel track standards, which can fit the size of taller forklifts during the operation. 

Engineered with Impact-A-track that provides total protection against the hardest impact it can get from top to bottom with 3’,6’ or full height available, and can be installed optionally. Moreover, is has a 5- year warranty where you can save costs during repairs.

The thick insulated foam core panel with damage resistant polymer interior panel that measures 1-3/4” has 2-year performance warranty coverage, which you can also consider as another big saving against costs and damages. 

TKO Cruiserweight Knock Out Door is designed with heavy-duty, retractable plungers that releases from opening to impact. It has a tight perimeter weather seal which eliminates air infiltration and light gaps. Seals are attached to the panel versus the door jamb, keeping them out of harm’s way and providing a consistent seal.

When you worry whether it fits the floor, yes it does. It has a flexible bottom seal for an airtight fit. You will be at ease when it comes to lifting the door because it has two rugged door lifting handles when you manually lift it up. 

TKO Knock Out Door has a heavy-duty fabric hinge and no confusion pertaining to the one lock for security. Moreover, custom-built with two rugged door lifting handles per door making ease and comfort during operation.

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