Top 5 Reasons Why Do Schedule Maintenance Service on Commercial Doors in Toronto, CA


Business operations involve the process of products, equipment, and people. Commercial doors keep the working environment isolated and safe. How to keep your operation running? It’s important to undergo commercial door maintenance!

 Small door issues may result in complicated huge problems once ignored. Commercial doors require regular maintenance as the opening mechanism promotes safety, saves time, less repair cost, the longevity of door service, and performance.

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Business owners invest in commercial doors as a solution to secure the property and serve as an asset. Commercial doors offer various benefits such as reliability, security, durability, and aesthetics for distribution centers, industrial, manufacturing facilities, and warehouses.

Regular preventive maintenance ensures the commercial door facility functional and without downtime. It is a simple way to protect your investment.

Why do you need to have scheduled maintenance service on your commercial doors?

Decrease Costly Downtime

Commercial doors preventative maintenance focus on keeping your doors in good condition at all times and get rid of major problems that may arise. Service technicians keep the track surfaces of the commercial door clean, free of rust and debris, apply grease, tightening loose bolts, address wear and tear that may occur over time, and test the door’s balance. Maintenance helps the business save time and money.

 Increased Operational Efficiency and Reliability of your Commercial Doors

Even if commercial doors are still serviceable but its parts operate improperly, it’s unsafe and likely to breakdown. Having your commercial doors checked regularly will increase its operational efficiency and reliability. Keeping commercial doors in good shape improves the working environment, employee safety, and productivity.

Inspect and Lubricate all Parts

The moving components of a door such as bolts, rollers, and other door parts, need to be inspected twice per year and replaced every 7 years. Once there are broken door spring, excessive wear, and cracks are detected, these parts should be replaced immediately. Regular maintenance can detect any serious damage before it could happen.

  Prolongs Commercial Door Lifespan

Only trained service personnel are recommended to do the inspection and repair of commercial door parts such as high spring tension including bottom fixtures, cables, drums, pulleys, shafts, brackets, and do spring adjustments. A well-maintained commercial door extends its lifespan by monitoring the wear and tear and resolving the issue ahead.

Decrease in long-term repair expenses.

Preventative maintenance of commercial doors helps reduce severe malfunctions and long-term costs. The maintenance program is very affordable compared to emergency commercial door repair or replacement. 

Overhead Door Company of Toronto, a division of DuraServ, offers extensive commercial doors maintenance program in Canada. Our preventative maintenance plans improve commercial door operational efficiency, safety, and reliability.

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Schedule the maintenance of your commercial doorsto reduce emergency repairs. Overhead Door Company of Toronto today at (647) 952-2188 or connect with us online

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