Top 6 Features of Mark IV™ VersaFlex™ Bi-Parting Power Operated Door for Cold Storage Applications

Mark IV VersaFlex Bi-Parting Power Operated Door

Mark IV™ VersaFlex™ Bi-Parting Power Operated Door for Cold Storage Applications comes with excellent features that will surely give full satisfaction to its users and business owners. VersaFlex Bi-Parting Power Operated Door comes in distinct designs and features that make it stand out among the products of its kind. Standard door face casings and panels are woodless and will endure the pressure and temperature it is exposed to.
The top six features of this power operated door are: excellent operator and roller system, easy installation, flexibility, versatility, durable standard panels, and adjustable frame gaskets.

Excellent Operator and Roller System

Bi-Parting Power Operated Door is powered by the most popular power operator of all time. As such, you can be assured of a tested trouble-free door with a record of two million opening and closing cycles. Moreover, its roller system is recommended by various clients and approved by the experts in this industry. It moves in smoot, silent gliding movement that is not surpassed by other brands. It has a sealing ability that is excellently down-and-in motion pushing the door firmly on to the tightly sealed casing and floor.

Easy Installation

The power operated door that is offered by Mark IV™ VersaFlex™ can be easily installed. The manufacturers have made sure that the track and angles are assembled beforehand on its casings so that installing the door will be easy and quick. This feature surely saves time and effort especially if the installation or repair is to be done immediately.


Another feature of the Mark IV™ VersaFlex™ high performance doors is that it is made with closer positioning of its doorways. In this way, it offers critical wall and floor space savings which is ideal for any type or size of storage area. Just imagine the convenience and the flexibility of its use compared to other brands. In addition, the door frame is made from extruded aluminum. This material makes the door of superior strength in comparison to wood. It is not only strong; it is also long-lasting.


This high speed doors is so designed to stand applications up to a 100F delta T as well as other multiple options. You can save time and money by choosing this brand because you can also use it to meet your other storage necessities. You can match it within the design of each of the consumer’s preferences.


Made of standard panels, the VersaFlex Bi-Parting Power Operated Door Angier NC can surely stand the test of time, pressure and temperature. Specifically, you can choose the white, stucco-embossed #26 gauge galvanized steel on the door’s front and back. Since it is not made of wood, it would not easily wear or tear with moist and heat.

Adjustable Frame Gaskets
The frame gaskets are tear resistant and adjustable. VersaFlex Bi-Parting Power Operated Door Farmville NC is securely fastened but could be adjusted according to the size and area of the storage compartment.

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