Wayne Dalton – Thermospan 125 Insulated Sectional Door Offers High Thermal Efficiency Suitable for Commercial and Industrial Applications

Wayne Dalton - Thermospan 125 Insulated Sectional Door

Commercial and industrial doors are usually designed to fit the manufacturing and warehousing facilities and to upgrade the doors’ attributes, high speed doors were assembled to suit the commercial and industrial door needs of these facilities. 

During the strike of natural disasters such as but not limited to hurricane or severe storms, they destroy real properties including the manufacturing and warehouse equipment. To address the issue, the management of these commercial and industrial facilities rebuilt their establishment using durable materials that is hurricane resistance. Moreover, to align the quality of the commercial and industrial doors, the management got hold of the high speed and durable doors.

This door upgrade has been beneficial to the conduct of business in terms of productivity due to the handling of not so often repairs and maintenance. But with the advent of the newest technology, commercial and industrial doors are developed with more and higher degree of attributes such as the increase of door durability using the high-end materials. 

To install the high-quality speed dooors, the products and services of the Southern Dock Products is strongly recommended. We offer Wayne Dalton – Thermospan 125 insulated setional door and this is an insulated sectional steel doors that is engineered to reduce your total overhead cost. It has the attribute of continuous foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation and standard joint seal that substantially provides a higher thermal efficiency.  Our doors are the only doors with patented, roll-formed integral struts on each section, making them the most rigid doors in the market. 

In essence, Wayne -Dalton’s Thermospan 125 doors is ideal for the application where the energy efficiency is important and it is suitable for commercial and industrial application. 

In addition, we trained highly skilled technician to undertake the fixation of the Door for a higher level of quality installation.

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