Ways to Avoid Moisture in the Loading Dock Area of Your Cold-Storage Warehouse in Florida


Cold Storage results in moist walls and floors in the loading dock. Most of the facilities in Florida are an active type of cold storage that is also referred to as a dynamic cold storage facility. 

This type of facility needs several temperature settings for different products, unlike an active one that only caters to fruits and vegetables. 

Why moisture build-up at the loading dock area?

In a cold storage facility, the walls and floors are frozen, ice builds-up and freezes the area as a result, the loading dock area gets moist.

How to prevent accidents?

Accidents happen due to the build-up of ice on the walls, floors, and slippery floors. 

Cold storage is a negative pressure but when warm air enters the storage area during the opening of the door, it forms ice. The floors become slippery and poses a potential danger to the personnel and the operators.

How to keep your loading dock environment safe? 

To prevent accidents, moisture from the warm ambient air should be removed before it enters the cold storage to prevent the formation of ice on walls, floors as well as at the ceiling. This process is called dehumidification by just introducing dry air around the loading dock to create positive air pressure.

The dehumidification process may be carried out using an industrial fan

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