Ways to Protect Your Commercial Building from Fire Risk in Hickory, NC


We are all aware how ruinous an unforeseen fire can be to both you and your property, which is why suitable fire precautions are essential to maintaining a secure environment.

Business owners have a better knowledge of the significance of rolling steel fire rated service doors. In the actual scenario of an actual fire, these doors can serve a vital role in keeping flames and smoke from spreading to different portions of the building. They can also serve as a portal of exit of easy escape in case of an emergency. Fire-rated doors are specially designed to resist the extreme heat of fires.

To ensure your business is as safe as possibly it can, follow these crucial ways for preventing business fires:

  • Assess the Risk

Browse into fire safety code handbooks found in National Fire Protection Association and apply the necessary steps to guard your building against situations that might spark a flame.

  • Install Protection Device

The moment you’re aware of the unique danger and fire accidents in your workplace, perform preventative and safety measures by making sure to prepare the building with the proper fire protection equipment like rolling steel service doors and overhead doors.

  • Make a Fire Plan

Once a fire does occur, you need to have a fire plan readily available to safeguard everyone in the establishment.

  • Counter Check Your Circuits

Electrical cords, appliances and overloaded circuits are one of the top risks that could govern to a workplace fire, so ensure regularly check cords for possible damage.

  • Watch out the Heat

See to it that heat-oriented devices such as coffee-makers, copiers and computers are kept away from anything flimsy or papery to prohibit burning.

  • Remove the Paper

The same thing as keeping appliances away from papers, keep papers, trash and flammable items systematized and out of the way of the work area to lessen fire hazards.

Overhead Door Fireking 631 Series Rolling Steel Fire Rated Service Door, or 631 Series, is one of the examples of the overhead rolling steel doors, designed when your establishment is required to have a fire door. This type of commercial rolling steel door passed through the National Fire Protection Association for its materials and design that you will surely be interested in it. 

The 631 Series rolling steel fire door is designed for both masonry and non- masonry mounted applications including: facilities with paint booths, file rooms, material storage locations, warehouses, shared walls between business, public record storage, and public buildings such as libraries.

Customized fire doors are available for conveyor openings. These doors feature a mechanical auto resettable hoist (non-motorized) that enables easy drop test and reset of the fire door in just seconds.

Fusible links are mounted on both sides of the wall that separate to automatically close the door in case of fire. Additional safety and protection features are available, which includes fire sentinel time- delay release device, fire light – vision lights, smoke detectors, horns, and strobes.

Overhead Door Fireking 631 Series Rolling Steel Fire Rated Service Door

Design Highlights:

  • For Applications: Masonry (4-Hour) Concrete/Steel walls / Non-masonry Type (3-Hour)
  • Construction: Width-14’ (4267 mm)/ Height-12′ (3658 mm)
  • Built: Galvanized Steel / 24 Gauge- Curtain Material
  • RHX® FK motor operator: Available 
  • Color Finishes: gray, white, tan and brown
  • Wind Load Options Available: Florida Building Code (FBC), Miami-Dade, Texas
  • Additional safety and protection: fire sentinel time- delay release device, fire lite vision lites, smoke detectors, horns, and strobes.
  • Fire Doors compliant with: National Fire Protection Association (NFPA-80), Underwriters Laboratories (UL & ULC), New York City and state of California (CSFM), Optional: Factory Mutual (FM)/ UL listed smoke seal package (“S” label) 

To know more how we can help to protect your commercial building or business establishments from fire risk, you can call us at 828-388-8700, or through our website, inquire about our Overhead Door Fireking 631 Series Rolling Steel Fire Rated Service Door, or any commercial garage doorsgarage door openersdock equipment, and accessories at our rolling steel fire service door Hickory NC.

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