Ways to Save Costly Loading Dock Maintenance in Austin, TX


For most facility managers, running a loading dock business is complex and costly. While for some smart managers they found some alternative dollar-saving solutions by implementing loading dock maintenance programs into their systems, however, a loading dock is always part of the company budget in the long run.

Overhead Door Company of Austin, a Division of Duraserv, the largest distributor in the world for the leading manufacturers of dock equipment and hi-speed doors and has been servicing all of Texas including Austin, Georgetown, Round Rock, Cedar Creek, San Marcos, Cedar Park, Pflugerville and Temple, Texas shares some unique ways on how to save more company dollars from such costly loading dock maintenance.

Saving Solution No. 1: Re-evaluation of Safety Processes

Safety always has been prioritized, but at what level? Safety protocols and guidelines may have been implemented, managed, and controlled, however, there are still safer ways and means by re-assessing, upgrading, and finding solutions at these critical concerns:

  • How are you protecting forklifts and pedestrians from the dangerous drop point?
  • How safe are your blind corners and busy intersections?
  • How do you protect pedestrians on the drive approach and around the loading dock?
  • Were you able to pre-emptively safeguard potential dangers of automated equipment and machines?
  • Were you able to protect people and equipment with flexible in-plant access?
  • Do you restrain trailers properly?

Using Overhead Door Company of Austin’s truck restraints is one of the most economical and effective means to have big savings against maintenance costs. Below are some truck restraints we recommend you can check out to minimize risk and create a safe working environment at our Austin truck restraints:

Truck Restraints


Saving Solution No. 2: Consultancy 

Outsourcing from external parties is quite exorbitant, but selecting only the right company with a reasonable price is worth an investment in the long run. A good program and highly experienced in their field of expertise can advise practical solutions, fix problems in a different perspective, and provide more effective preventative measures.

Overhead Door Company of Austin’s planned maintenance program is built on a professional, no-cost, and no-obligation survey conducted by our team of factory-trained and experienced professional technicians.  The maintenance program team will thoroughly inspect, suggest necessary maintenance, and schedule regular maintenance on your loading dock and surrounding areas, including regular checking of your equipment to keep them running as they are designed, by our Austin broken leveler and equipment Service Offices.

Saving Solution No. 3: Controlling Properly Energy Loss

Energy loss is one of the most neglected areas and one of the reasons for the costly maintenance expenses. Factors range from poorly-fitting and obsolete overhead doors to ineffective lighting of the loading dock areas. Commonly found on equipment and devices such as dock doors, wheel restraints, and LED lights.

1. Troubleshoot or upgrade damaged/broken dock doors.

Dock doors are susceptible to damage by forklifts, other vehicles, or from overused often have gaps in-between the compromised seals and door frames. These spaces allow cold or hot air to penetrate the facility and cause your air conditioning system to work overtime- more electrical bills.

If you have a minor problem in your dock doors and able to troubleshoot the problem through replacement would be much better, at our Austin broken dock Service Offices.

But, if the damage is more or less considerable, it is advisable to upgrade to a newer dock door version, which is more advanced, superb insulation designs, and strong enough to take a hit without being damaged at our Austin dock repair Service Offices.

Below are some latest Austin dock doors by Overhead Door Company of Austin:

  • Rytec Bantam MD600 Dock Door
  • Rytec CR5000 Clean Roll Door
  • Rytec Powerhouse Extreme Duty Rubber Door
  • Rytec Predadoor PD5000-NXT
  • Rytec Predadoor PD5500-NXT
  • Rytec Plexline Composite Door
  • Rytec Pharma-Roll Door
  • Rytec Bantam Model MD600 With Full Vision Clear Panel
  • Rytec Fast Seal FS3000 Full Vision Clear Door

2. Use wheel restraints.

Besides the fact that wheel restraints provide safety benefits, they are also effective at controlling energy use by keeping vehicle trailers secured in place. With the trailers not moving in place, and the shelters and seals helps in the insulation sealing of the dock area, no air will escape because of the trailer shifts. Check out below some latest Austin’s wheel restraints models:

  • Serco SLSC Safety-Chock Surface Restraint
  • Serco Manual Safety Chock
  • Serco Universal Truck-Chock In-Ground Wheel Restraint

3. Upgrade LED light fixtures.

If you are still using incandescent bulbs, better upgrade to LED lights. LED lights provide high-quality lighting that can illuminate your loading dock area at the same time giving energy savings to the facility.

Modern LED lighting delivers a brightness of a 150-watt incandescent bulb while drawing a mere 16 watts of power, and it’s designed with a turnkey solar-powered dock packages that are completely off the grid.

Considering your loading dock business is still new, or you have been in the loading dock business for years but have been haunted by costly loading dock maintenance services for so long, probably we can help you find some solutions that you might be looking for in your loading dock at Austin, TX.

Overhead Door Company of Austin

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Contact us at (512) 442-1561, or through our website, our team of service technicians would be happy to help and discuss with you about how you can have great savings and benefit more from our loading dock maintenance suggestions at our Austin loading dock equipment Service Offices.You can make a service request or visit us personally at our service areas: Servicing All of Texas including Austin, Georgetown, Round Rock, Cedar Creek, San Marcos, Cedar Park, Pflugerville, and Temple, TX.

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