What are the Energy Saving Ways for Your Loading Dock in Sterling, VA?

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When upper management of companies decide to conduct energy-saving practices, use energy-saving products, or to go green, most of the practices include purchasing renewable-energy equipment such as solar panels, fuel cells, lighting sensors, and waterless toilets. Oftentimes, upper management forgets that focusing energy-saving practices on the loading dock offers the fastest payback.

Loading dock as the biggest potential for energy and money loss

The loading dock has the greatest potential for energy loss and product damage. Openings in the loading dock leak cold air and allow entry of foreign contaminants such as dust, water, and pests. There are gaps between the trailer and the edges of the dock opening. There is a greater financial loss when the loading dock has multiple dock doors.

Here are the top ways to save energy on loading dock areas:

Use good dock seals and shelters. Loading docks have dock seals or dock shelters that bridge the gap between the truck trailer and the dock. The dock seals or shelters are loading dock equipment Sterling VA often are exposed to pressure and compression when trucks back up to the wall.

The role of dock seals and shelters include containing conditioned air within the dock areas. Infiltration happens when dock doors are damaged or there are incompatible or shelter or seals that are not fitted well.

Fabric-covered foam pads on dock seals compress when the trailer back into them. These permit the tight sealing of the sides of the trailer and close the gaps between the door hinges of the trailer.

Utilize energy-saving lighting. Lighting must be considered when it comes to energy savings. These energy-saving products Sterling VA such as led lights or led dock light are important for the safety on the dock and inside the truck trailer to avoid product damage and injury. The use of LED bulbs instead of incandescent lights can save energy by approximately 69 percent. Changing 100 incandescent lights with LEDs can produce a savings of $60,000, according to Fabricators and Manufacturers Association, International.

Use HVLS fans. High-volume, low speed (HVLS) fans promote better workplace comfort to workers, reduces energy costs, and decrease the carbon footprint of the building in various ways.


Loading docks are one of the most significant areas of any business when it comes to energy-saving costs. Different ways can be done in order to reduce the energy costs of any business.

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