What are the Loading Dock Accessories and Their Uses for Dock Systems in South Windsor, CT

Loading Dock Options

A loading dock or specifically called loading bay is an area of a building or infrastructure wherein vehicles carrying goods and products are being loaded and unloaded. They are mostly found on commercial and industrial buildings, particularly warehouses. 

Loading docks can be in exterior, flush with the building envelope or it may be fully enclosed. They are part of a facility’s service or utility infrastructure, specifically giving a direct access to storage rooms, staging areas and freight elevators.

Maintenance of equipment for every warehouse is a necessity. At Just-Right Equipment, a division of DuraServ, will give purchasees some loading dock options for their loading dock accessories with their uses for them to choose. 

Below are the loading dock accessories and its uses: 

The APS Dock leveler T-Seal Tracks can be welded either on the wall pit or on the dock leveler itself. The galvanized, welded, steel tracks must stay on place. There are various kits that are available together with the brush seal, PVC seal and different kinds of rear hinge seals. Uses of the APS Dock leveler T-Track PVC Weather is that is it impervious to heat and cold making sure for long lasting use. Its black brush standard has high visibility whether in yellow or black brush and its PVC has different widths. 

This type of loading dock accessories keeps insects and rodents away from entering the facility through a chain opening of the dock leveler. The APS Chain sealer is easy to use and has a complete seal for your dock leveler. 

The Flexback Panel is the solution to common lower door panel damage. This is one of the lower door damage that is encountered often by users and it can be costly when it comes to maintenance and it is a common problem in today’s busy warehouses and other establishments. The APS Flexback Panel is built with a high impact polymer skin and flexible tube frame which allows the panel to flex upon impact and return to its normal operating position. It is durable because it helps lessen door maintenance and helps diminish damage to bottom door panels. The Flex back uses standard door hardware and replaces most standard sectional door panels easily. The insulated panel also provides an exceptional thermal seal to save on energy costs. 

This is a loading dock accessory in which it is a very cost effective solution for the protection of your overhead door tracks from repairs that can be very expensive. It has a Z-guard layered-wrap of steel around the door track and mounts easily to the adjacent wall. It also keeps your floor space free from obstructions around the door opening and does not interfere with security wiring around any door opening. The low-profile design protects the door track without interference to the door operation. 

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