What are the Pros and Cons of Installing Air-Powered Dock Levelers in Dallas, TX


The significance of loading docks could never be underestimated as these are the center of activity in different business establishments. Loading dock levelers play an important part in these centers. Dock levelers serve as bridge between a loading dock pit and incoming vehicles and warehouses.

There are various reasons why leveling a dock is important. Leveling promoted safety as forklifts and other industrial vehicles are permitted to drive in and out without issues. Dock levelers permit adjustment to service trucks with various heights.

Working Principle of Air-Powered Dock Levelers

Air-powered dock levelers function based on a very simple working principle. Air injection is done through a high volume, low pressure pump. Hydraulic fluids usually mess up operations, however, this does not occur with these levelers since air serves as the working fluid. 

Pros of Installing Air-Powered Dock Levelers

Air-powered dock levelers use the push of a button in raising or lowering commands instead the laborious and more time-intensive mechanical option. Air-powered dock levelers Dallas TX are partnered with truck locks and dock lights to ensure a complete safety package/system. Loading dock levelers move the leveler dock through a pneumatic bag system. These loading dock levelers Dallas TX have various advantages. First, maintenance of these dock levelers is cheaper compared to that of mechanical dock levelers. It is easier to use because of the push button for operation that makes them the loading dock equipment safe. There is also higher efficiency for high volume applications. 

Cons of Installing Air-Powered Dock Levers

Despite the numerous advantages of installing air-powered dock levelers, there are also disadvantages that a buyer needs to know. The initial cost or acquisition price of air-powered dock levers is higher compared to other kinds of dock levelers. The airbag system in air-powered levelers requires electricity and a nearby power source, as opposed to manual system which is not practical with modern load weights.


Different establishments have their own respective requirements when it comes to choosing dock levelers. With the different kinds of levelers, one option is to purchase an air-powered dock leveler. The said leveler has its own set of pros and cons which may or may not be preferred by the potential buyer. The choice of one to buy an air-powered dock leveler may be based on these pros and cons. 

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