What are the Risks of Operating a Dock Leveler Without Proper Maintenance in Houston, TX?


Technology advancement creates more efficient equipment to the regular undertakings of the industrial and commercial facilities. A warehouse facilitates the storage of the goods delivered by the trailer tuck delivery vehicle passing through the loading dock.

An ordinary dock without the support of the installed loading dock equipment is somewhat primitive in feature where the delivery of goods is being carried out manually through hard labor. Through the support of technology, loading docks are being upgraded through the assembly and installation of the loading dock equipment such as but not limited to the truck restraintsdock shelters and seals, dock barriers, high-speed overhead steel doors and dock levelers, and lifts.

With the integration of these pieces of equipment, loading dock works became smooth and easy where hard labor or manual works have been minimized. To this end, the facilities’ productivity and profitability skyrocketed to their maximum potentials.

However, due to a complacent attitude towards proficiency, several industrial and commercial facilities failed to conduct their respective regular maintenance and repairs. As a result, a series of accidents transpired to the disadvantage of the workers. In essence, these sets of dock equipment are efficient enough to carry out their functionality provided they are well-maintained and regularly repaired.

When a dock leveler has not been maintained well in Houston, Texas, there is a high tendency that these pieces of dock equipment will breakdown. In short, it is a risky engagement if a dock leveler has not been maintained regularly because the cost of spare parts replacement is higher than the cost to undertake regular maintenance activities.

The dock leveler may break and jeopardize the safety of the workers at the loading dock at the transfer of their goods point from the trailer truck delivery vehicle to and from the storage area via the loading dock. People may be injured due to unsafe dock leveler maintenance activities. The accident might cause death of the workers. To effect, the breakdown of these equipment will adversely affect the proficiency and productivity of the facility that will result to reduce the productivity rate of the business facility.

This is the reason why the dock leveler is important to be  inspected and maintained by licensed and skilled technicians.

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