What are the Signs Your Garage Door Needs Replacement or Repair Service in Phoenix, AZ?


Garage doors are vitally important parts of the home. Basically, they protect your car and the home safe and at the same time improve your home’s value and appearance. Every day we use our garage doors, but we barely take time to check and inspect their condition and performance, unless something goes terribly wrong. Significantly, it is essential for every Arizonian homeowner to know and understand that garage doors do require regular inspection and maintenance.

Cookson Door Sales of Arizona, for more than two decades, delivering the maintenance needed to keep residential and commercial garage doors at peak operation at Phoenix, Arizona, shares some signs that your garage door needs replacement or repair service, and its benefits that can offer for you:


Sign No.1: Garage Door Pauses

A hesitating garage door is irritating and bothersome. At the moment when you drive inside or pull out, a 10-second hesitating delay feels like forever. An irritating garage door could be either be a mechanical or electrical problem, which usually involves bad rollers, corroded pulleys, or broken garage opener cords.

Considering if it is electrical, most likely it needs a new control system.  Or otherwise, one of its parts got corroded or rusty where the whole garage door cannot move properly. It is advisable to call a garage door professional repair specialist and have it check before it gets more serious.

Cookson Door Sales of Arizona provides quality garage door repairs to Phoenix Arizona homeowners and business owners. We can repair garage door springs, garage door openers, garage doors, garage doors off the track, and additional garage door repair services. By having your garage door inspected annually can help catch problems and avoid costly repairs.

Sign No.2: Sagging Garage Door

This is the most common case for garage doors which brings a lot of strange noises and abnormal movements. At the moment you’ve known there is sagging with your garage door, immediately have it service by professional technicians before accidents can occur and endanger your car, pets, and even your family.

The usual parts which need to be checked are tension springs, rollers, and tracks. However, there is a chance that your door is just improperly balanced within the tracks. Manually, you can check the sagging condition where you can see the holding mechanisms sags. Further maintenance work should be done by licensed garage door professionals if it involves garage door sagging.

At Phoenix garage door repair, we can provide high-quality repair for garage doors in Gilbert, AZ, or other communities in the Phoenix area. If in need of a new garage door installation, our friendly, trained staff is knowledgeable about all of our products and will always deliver quality work.

Beneficially, a garage door that is well-maintained or new, its fresh aesthetic will increase the value of your home. The curb appeal will be amplified, likely causing your home to sell quickly in the future.

Sign No.3: Opening or Closing Problems

This is a major issue when your garage door fails to close and open properly. Possibly, the door does not respond to controls normally? Or maybe it moves, stops, and moves again irregularly? In the worst-case scenario, it might never function at all.    

  • Irregular response of garage door: When you switch the remote control buttons for movements your garage door performs inconsistently. More or less likely, it is due to the faulty connection of its electrical circuitry which fails to link with its remote control. 
  • Damaged garage door: For garage doors that do not open or close, it could be a broken garage opener wires which need replacement.  

Our Phoenix Cookson garage Service Area office will help you if your garage door will not open. We can install, repair, and service a variety of garage door openers. By having good and proper maintenance for your garage doors, you can extend its lifespan by around 20 years or more.

Sign No.4: Garage Door Broken Areas or Chipped Off.

Garage doors are prone to abuse due to extreme weather conditions like hail or falling objects, snow, and the brunt of the rain. Consequently, a garage door can be chipped off slowly and become undone in due time, in which the most vulnerable parts are the panels, edges, and bottom rubber linings.

The cracked or chipping of such parts will eventually damage also its other components. It is advisable to have it rectified before the damage spread all over and make the door unsalvageable. Has your garage door repaired or replaced if it needs to, by professionals even just every few years?

We have Phoenix Garage replacement operator on both homes and businesses, can provide a variety of garage doors in Gilbert, AZ, the Phoenix area, and surrounding communities. From glass garage doors, carriage style garage doors, wood garage doors, and even custom garage doors. By having a brand new garage door we assure that you and your family are well protected and safe during periods of inclement weather. 

Sign No.5: Increase of Utility Bills

If ever you are wondering there is a sudden rise in your electricity bills, better check your garage doors. Possibly there is a leak or damaged portion which failed to seal your household insulation. A slight gap at the bottom or at its edges while being shut will definitely compromise the insulation of your house.

Garage doors should be maintained on a timely basis to keep it optimal for its some life years. If your garage door is affecting your household insulation, probably it is time for a new replacement. There are now more modern designed insulated garage doors and that also comes cheap for your budget-friendly homeowners.   

Our Phoenix garage door replacement services have a huge selection of garage door parts and accessories. With this selection, you can enjoy options when it comes to small replacement parts as well as new installations and proper maintenance. Additionally, a garage door that is properly maintained, you can rest assured that your personal valuables are safe and secure.

Sign No.6: Garage door with too much noise 

Garage doors are engineered to be quiet and silent during their operations. Certain malfunctioning parts are the reasons for its noisiness:

  • Malfunctioned spring: Bad spring which needs to be repaired or replaced is the possible culprit.
  • Damaged opener bracket: Opener brackets are built to be durable and strong during in its opening process, replacement is the best solution to free them from such noises.

At Phoenix Cookson garage, we can fix any broken garage spring or damaged opener bracket. Likewise, the best way to preserve your garage door is to schedule regular maintenance inspections. The benefits include saving more dollar money and extending the lifespan of your door.

Considering you might have observed that your garage doors show any of the signs as mentioned above, probably it is the right time to have it checked by a certified, trusted, and professional garage door company in Arizona, Cookson Door Sales of Arizona.

Contact us at (480) 377-8777, or through our website if you have any questions about garage doors for your home or office, we are the ones to turn to.

At Cookson Door Sales of Arizona, we offer a full selection of high-quality custom commercial garage doors and custom residential garage doors in Phoenix, AZ, as well as Gilbert, Scottsdale, and other surrounding communities. Whether you need to add commercial or residential garage doors to an existing building or installation at a new facility, we can provide:

  • Rolling Doors
  • Counter Doors
  • Fire Doors
  • Grilles
  • Sectional Doors
  • Full View Doors
  • Rapid Doors
  • Roll-up Doors
  • Commercial Door Operators

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