What are the Top 5 Benefits a Rytec Spiral Door for Automotive Dealership Operation in Austin, TX

Rytec Spiral Door

When it comes to finding the right high performance door for automotive dealership operation in Austin, Texas, you’ll find the best high performance door of Austin, Texas at Overhead Door Company in Austin, a Division of DuraServ.  

Although our name is Overhead Doors, we have commercial high speed doors that can fit every business owners’ taste. We are more than just a company.

Our company can help you find the perfect spiral door for your everyday needs to make your work easier. We are a company that can make our employees stay more comfortable, safe and secured.  

Our Rytec spiral door offers a speed of up to 60 inches per second when you need it for high-traffic situations.  

This type of high speed door is made built from a rigid, aluminum slat construction that acts as an overnight security door.  

Rytec spiral door Austin, Texas has a crisp line that gives this type of commercial door a stylish look that’s great for all kinds of commercial, institutional and industrial applications. You will be ensured that the physical aspect was built to last for a long time because of its anodized aluminum that will not corrode even under the worst weather conditions.  

Spiral door has a 5-year limited warranty on motor/mechanical components and materials with an additional 2-year limited warranty on electrical components. It can also withstand winds up to 175 miles per hour.

Here are the top 5 benefits of a Rytec spiral door:  

High security – constructed from aluminum and rigid slat built and with many choices, it has an integral locking system installed to provide unparalleled security. 

Fast – Rytec spiral door can open up to 60 inches per second for traffic flow’s improvement and enhance customer perception.  

Whisper quiet – this type of commercial spiral door has a unique feature that is designed with no metal-to-metal contact, thus reduces wear on the door panel and offers fast, quiet operation.  

High performance – designed in a counterbalance system, patented spiral design with a variable speed AC drive system with soft acceleration and deceleration, it smoothens out routine stops and starts. It can virtually diminish the clunking gear engaged with a typical overhead door operation. It can lessen wear and increase door longevity, with minimal preventive maintenance.  

Energy-efficient and Tight seal – all of Rytec spiral door is constructed with aluminum slats alongside with a durable rubber membrane which covers their aluminum connecting hinges. It gives a hundred percent seal against dust pollution, drafts and bad weather conditions. There are also optional insulations which simply give additional savings to energy.  


  • Insulated slats 
  • Vision slats 
  • Ventilated slats 
  • Hood and motor covers 

For automotive dealership operations in Austin, Texas, you can give us a call through our hotline (512) 442-1561 or visit our websites: http://bit.ly/ohdctx-contact or http://bit.ly/ohdctx-service-request. We are servicing all of Texas including Austin, Georgetown, Round Rock, Cedar Creek, San Marcos, Cedar Park, Pflugerville, and Temple. 

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