What Do You Need to Know About Loading Dock Design in Hickory, NC?

mechanical dock leveler

It is widely known that a loading dock is a key component of any facility, whether it could be a warehouse, retail outlet, plant, or another facility. With thorough and careful planning many of the risks and expenditures associated with a design lacking proper safety features can be enhanced.

Improving dock function, employee safety, and effective transfer of goods from your facility to its intended destination should be a major concern and priority of all conscious business owners and purchasers in Hickory, NC.

We at Overhead Door Company of the Foothills, Division of Duraserv, share some more informative overviews about the fundamentals of loading dock design in Hickory, NC.

Why choose experts to design your business loading dock?

By considering these simple yet important things when designing your loading dock area, you will have a more efficient, safe, and secure environment for your personnel and goods. It is always best to include an expert during the design process to keep everything is just right and under control for your operations.

Since a properly installed and well- maintained loading dock is essential to the efficiency of your business, you need a dock equipment company who are experts to design your loading docks like commercial doors in Hickory and loading dock leveler service in Hickory that can provide the best products and services. 

Our docks seals in Hickory have been furnishing and installing, the highest quality residential and commercial garage doors, garage door openers, dock equipment, and accessories in the Hickory area for over 23 years.

What are the parts of a loading dock system?

loading dock design

Although warehouses that consist of loading docks follow standard designs, each company has its design, identity, and specifications to suit their solutions. Listed below are some of the most common parts and components of a loading dock system:  

  • Incoming Docks – particularly known as unloading area or receiving bay, a place where a shipment of goods, products, or items are being received, whether from another company location or external sources.  We have a variety of dock levelers and lift products to offer.
  • Outgoing Docks – also is known as the outbound area, an area in the facility or warehouse where a shipment of goods, products, or items is going out delivery, either from another company location or other external sources. Learn to know more about our mechanical dock leveler products.
  • Shipping Area – a place in the facility or warehouse where goods, products, or items are well-prepared before the loading area.  Get a glimpse of our hydraulic dock levelers.
  • Packaging Area – an area or part of the warehouse where goods, products, or items are packed, verified, sorted, or processed as to the type of business. Take a peek at our latest air-powered dock leveler models.
  • Storage Area – an area or part of the facility where goods, products, or items are kept or stored safely for next certain processing with schedule, within the facility.

We have a range of specialty dock levelers for you to choose from.

Specialty Dock Levelers

Maximizing Productivity, Safety, and Value Starts with Intelligent Loading Dock Design  

  • Improve productivity
  • Improve Safety
  • Reduced Capital Costs
  • Eliminate Costly and Time-Consuming Surprises

Our hydraulic leveler in Hickory can tell you more about our loading dock design.

Where to seek a solution for your industrial or commercial loading dock in Hickory, NC? 

Commercial loading docks and industrial loading docks are the backbones for any businesses and other commercial warehouses which pick, ship, load, and unload inventory, products, or materials.

If you happen to be in Hickory, NC, or just passing by, check out our ‘One-Stop-Shop’ provider company- Overhead Door Company of the Foothills, a division of Duraserv, for your commercial door and loading dock equipment needs includes 24/7 Parts and Service:

  • Full fleet of service and installation trucks
  • Fully stocked warehouse
  • Team of factory trained and fully qualified service technicians – some with over 25 years of experience

Our dock shelter repair in Hickory has skilled technicians that are meticulously trained to evaluate your problem, work with you to determine the optimum solution, and implement the best repair or replacement. 

Our dock restraints team in Hickory knows your time is valuable, so our technicians manage your industrial doors in Hickory and are fully equipped to handle most repairs in one appointment, eliminating the need for a second visit.

Our job is to provide insight and choices regarding safety and operational needs for homes, loading docks, and businesses. We take great pride in our 24-hour service in Hickory and have made great service at the heart of our business.

Get to know more about us at 828-388-8700, or through our website, for any queries about our commercial doors, door openers, sectional door and rolling steel doors, energy-saving products, or our large variety of loading dock equipment. To make a service request, or you can visit us personally at our Service Areas: Hickory, Morganton, Lenoir, Statesville, Troutman, Lincolnton, Asheville, West Jefferson, Mount Airy, Clemmons, Pilot Mountain, Winston Salem, Mocksville, Newton-Conover, Claremont, Taylorsville, Wilkesboro, Boone, Black Mountain, Marion, and Spruce Pine.

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