What is a Dock Leveler and Its Advantages for Industrial and Commercial Applications in Round Rock TX

Hydraulic Dock Leveler

dock leveler is used to bridge the gap between the delivery of vehicles and the difference of height and distance in warehouse floors. They are installed and can be seen in warehouses to make loading and unloading of vehicles easier. It is also a height-adjustable platform that is used to ensure a smooth transition between a dock and a truck which helps to keep forklifts away from accidents that can cause serious injuries and damages to equipment. The loading dock leveler is made up of a simple metal plate.

Dock levelers can be used to any warehouse entrance, loading or unloading zone, and industrial building. They make it possible to receive deliveries from any vehicles without having to worry about the bridge between the warehouse and the vehicle. When you remove the gap, you save time on unloading. Make sure that there is no damage to products because of an unsafe loading and unloading environment. 

Before we go to the advantages of dock levelers for industrial and commercial applications, let us know the types of levelers: 

hydraulic dock leveler is stored in the dock pit and gives the smoothest transition between the dock leveler and trailer. It gives improvement to the safety and productivity at the loading dock. It keeps injuries from occurring and minimizing the forklift and product damage. 

The mechanical dock leveler is a poweramp, provides strength and durability to basic applications and an economical solution.

Air powered dock levelers are also an economical alternative to hydraulic levelers but are operated with push-button activation. A bellow system or air bag is used to raise and lower the deck. 

Advantages of Dock Levelers

The amount of time and effort is the first advantage of using your dock levelers. They make loading and unloading easy and convenient for your workers. It is not also safe for your employees but it can also keep your dock levelers away from damages. 

Aside from saving time and making loading and unloading of vehicles easier, dock levelers are also very easy to operate. The dock leveler’s height is hydraulically controlled. It has a specific advantage over pneumatic dock levelers as there is no need for large pumps or air bags. They are unique enough to meet the demands of almost any situation. There’s no complex wiring and additional steering unit. Dock levelers are simple and can give you excellent logistic demands.

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