What is a Dock Seal and Its Importance for a Loading Dock System in Naples, FL?


Dock Seals are the froth cushions of the trailer that is being squeezed into when it backs in and comes to rest against the dock bumpers, and is the one that forms a seal around three sides of the trailer. Dock seals are used best when the size and style of trailers being served have only minor variations.

By establishing dock seals, a tight lapse between the loading dock and trucks can be made. It administers your loading dock to be productive and safe from harm by the tight seal that actuates as a shield against weather elements.

Dock seals have a lot of advantages such as it’s economical, highly effective and excellent seals especially if there are additional seal features, versatile when dock entrances are relatively small-the space between the door entrances are compact and or when the variety of sizes of trailer being serviced is bounded, and head curtains can be manually adjusted.

It is an important part of the loading dock system because if the dock seals don’t function well then the whole system won’t be able to operate correctly and also it provides a tight seal for a small budget only. It is vital for you to have the only best loading dock seal that won’t dilapidate easily if the loading dock receives congestion and would give the best performance. 

Finding the right loading dock seal and loading dock equipment is complicated with a lot of products all over the market. Don’t worry Action Automatic Door & Gate Company got you covered, since 1981, we have been providing homeowners and businesses with the highest quality products and service of garage doorsopenersgates, access systems, and commercial door systems. Below are some of our dock seals, please do check it out:

  • SERCO S2000 ULTRA SEAL with Head Curtain
  • The ULTRA-SEAL® Foam Dock Seal with Head Curtain has a versatile design with an adjustable head curtain that kept a tighter sealed at the same time can accommodate a variety of trailer heights. Comes with a roll formed, galvanized steel side & head pad backing, and includes two color guide stripes system.

  • SERCO S600 DOCK SEAL with Fixed Head Pad
  • Designed for smaller doors (9′ wide x 9′ high or less), has a Foam Dock Seal with Head Pad model that separates both environments internally and externally. Automatic with heavy-duty construction built that can offer long life-service with minimal maintenance and big savings on cost.

  • An L-Shaped Side Pad Foam Dock Seal with Head Pad designed for a trailer that is 8′ or 8′ 6″ wide, with access to the vehicle when docked at doors up to 9′ high. Equipped with compression foam head pads

    (L-shaped) and Serco Steel galvanized steel framing.

  • SERCO S800 DOCK SEAL with Adjustable Head Pad
  • Highly flexible for a full range of trailer heights, featured with a manually adjustable head pad allowing to position the head pad on a 48″ vertical track. Has a heavy gauge steel pan with a standard 18″ high foam head pad

  • SERCO S700 DOCK SEAL with Head Curtain
  • For a variety of vehicle heights, has a hood-style head curtain seals. Ideally for doors that are 9′ high or taller, and with a durable fiberglass that provides stiffness to the curtain top for moisture drainage.

    Moreover, has a seamless aluminum tubing that provides support for the head curtain.

  • SERCO S3000HL L-PAD DOCK SEAL with Head Curtain
  • Custom built for a modular hood-style head curtain against over-compress due to extra projection.

    Strongly built with a roll formed, galvanized steel side & head pad backing, and its doors sizes are available up to 10′-0″ Wide.

  • SERCO S2500G Sliding Head Pad Dock Seal
  • Technologically advanced designed- Guardian Foam Dock Seal with Two-piece Movable Head Pad System that moves vertically with the vehicle, helps reduce the wear on your head pad and side pads, at the same time increases dock seal’s service life with big savings on costs.  

  • Our one of a kind design with a Base fabric-Black 22 oz Vinyl. 8” exposure wear pleats (head pad corners), Kiln Dried, #1 grade, Southern Pine wood framing. Additionally, has a foam core(endurance-tested) that is continuously bonded to frame surface with flexible, nonflammable adhesive.

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