What is a Dock Shelter and the Various Types?

Dock Shelters

It is important to consider the pros and cons of your business. But when it comes to transporting your goods from the warehouse to the trucks for delivery we always ensure that we have essential loading dock equipment that can increase efficiency to the whole process and make more safe and profitable.

Dock shelter seals off the gaps between the docked vehicles to the loading bay. It provides full access to the truck without exposing the product into the wind, extreme temperature and weather and pests that may cause unnecessary impact to the product being transported. Using this will ensure your energy savings, as it maintains the temperature inside the building, cleanliness and increases the speed of manpower through efficient transport of goods to the loading trucks.

A lot of companies offer loading dock shelters that can be useful, but each dock shelter has advantages and disadvantages that make it difficult to choose.

There are different types of dock shelters that Just-Rite Equipment, a division of DuraServ offers where you can choose from. They are listed as follows:

Serco S2200 Ultra Shelter

With its seal flexibility, and full trailer access of a shelter. It has a tight seal between the wall of the building and the back of the truck. Designed with impactable foams side members, in each side and head curtain/member is made with fiberglass and the translucent head member transmits light. 

Key Highlights

Shelter Head Frame: White Fiberglass(Translucent)

Channel Frame: Roll Formed/Galvanized Steel (2″ x 8″, 2″ x 10″ or 2″ x 12″)

Side Curtains with Foam Side Members/ Fiberglass Stays (Removable): Available

Standard Base Unit Projection: 18″ /Maximum Standard Unit Projection: 30″

Warranty: 5-years

Kelly Foam-Sided Shelter

Made with roll-formed galvanized steel framing, what is so special with this dock is that all pads are vented for air and moisture release. It also has full-length stripes that guide the driver to the docks. It also provides a seal from the external unnecessary entry like dust, insects and other airborne matter that may enter while the loading dock is in use. 

Key Highlights

Head Curtain: Five Fiberglass Stays/Four Overlapping Wear Pleats Per Side/Wind Straps

Side Curtains: Closed Cell Neoprene(Sealing Edge/Bottom Wear Panel)

Rain Sealing System Integration/Shelter Projections(Up to 30″): Available 

Foam Side Members:22 oz Vinyl Fabric

Shelter Head Frame: White Fiberglass(Translucent) 

Serco S-3200 Snap-back Dock Shelter

Serco S-3200 Shelter also known as Snap-back dock shelter.  This design is useful because it can be applied to wide vehicle variety and types. When trailers are misguided for some instance, its flexible frame, overlapping layers of fabric provide more resistance against sharp corners to prevent shelter damage. It also defies the side frame because it was covered with white 18 oz. coated vinyl as it projects natural light to the loading area. 

Key Highlights

Channel Frame: Roll Formed/Galvanized Steel: 2” x 4” Sides & 2” x 6”(Raked Top)

Base Unit Frame Projection(Standard): 24”

Steel Support Projection(Standard): 30”

Shelter Sides: Translucent White Vinyl/Shelter Top(Black Vinyl)

Side Curtains: Cell Neoprene(Closed)/Inside Sealing Edge/Bottom Wear Panel

Serco S-420 Rigid Frame Dock Shelter

When each of the above-mentioned designs has its own specification, the Serco S-420 Rigid Frame Dock Shelter is like the combined Ultra Shelter for its fiberglass material, has the visible stripes that guides the driver to docks like Kelly foam-sided Shelter and Serco S-3200 for its transmission of natural light to the loading dock. What defies this design is that the rain sealing system integration available on shelter with projections up to 30. The best pick for a design if you wish to combine more advantages in one.

Key Highlights

Standard: Base Unit Frame Projection: 24″ / Steel Support Projection: 30″

Rain Sealing System Integration (Shelter Projections Up to 30): Available 

Frames (Translucent White Fiberglass): Available

Increase “Standard” Unit Height by 6″: Available

Outside Edge of Face Curtains(Aluminum Trim Angles): Available

Kelly FLEX-FRAME Impactable Dock Shelter

Kelly FLEX-FRAME Impactable Dock Shelter design is also a combination of the above-mentioned design but is unique when it comes to the translucent white vinyl coating that is on the side and black vinyl coating is on the top cover. Which allows more lighting when you transport goods to the loading truck.

Key Highlights

Shelter Sides(Translucent White Vinyl)/ Shelter Top(Black Vinyl): Available

Base Unit Frame Projection (Standard): 24″

I-beam Protector Projection (Standard): 10″

Head Curtain: Five Fiberglass Stays/Four Overlapping Wear Pleats Per Side/Wind Straps

Side Curtains: Closed Cell Neoprene(Sealing Edge)/Bottom -Wear Panel

Kelley TS Rigid Frame Truck Shelter

While it has the common design with the other dock shelters, its highlight focuses on the head curtain that includes five Fiberglass Stays and four Overlapping Wear Pleats on the sides & Wind Straps that protects the goods when strong winds are present during the transfer process. Tapered Draft Pads (8” to 2”) located behind the side curtains help prevents airflow from lower corners of the shelter. Permanent “NO STEP” labels are included for safety.

Key Highlights

Standard: Base Unit Frame Projection- 24″/ Steel Support Projection- 30″

Rain Sealing System Integration(Shelter Projections Up to 30″): Available 

Head Curtain: Five Fiberglass Stays/Four Overlapping Wear Pleats Per Side/Wind Straps

Side Curtains: Closed Cell Neoprene(Sealing Edge)/ Bottom Wear Panel

Serco R620 Mechanical Rail Shelter

Its product protection extends from the loading dock up to the railway car transition. This dock shelter is suspended on a steel frame and equipped with extension arms that allow covering distances between docks and rail cars up to 72.

Key Highlights

Variable Height Head Curtain: Fixed/Split (up to 36″ drop standard)

Multiple cover fabric options: Available

Variety of Frame/Cover Configurations: Available

Just-Rite Equipment ensures you get the exact dock shelter you need when in dilemma on what to choose.  When you decide to invest on these docks, Good news! Because these loading docks are available near you!  

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