What is the Difference between Dock Levelers VS Edge of Docks?


While your Connecticut loading dock equipment is stationary and doesn’t change, the variety of trucks and trailers that you might encounter using your loading docks are always changing. At some point you will encounter a truck or trailer that doesn’t line up with your loading dock, making freight movement difficult, if not impossible. 

What Do You Need?

Connecticut loading dock levelers otherwise referred to as Connecticut pit levelers. These pit levelers come in a variety of configurations depending on what sorts of loads you receive and how often they get used.


These are: 

Loading dock levelers and edge of docks

  • Used to bridge the gap between a truck trailer and the warehouse dock. Typically, there is an 8-10 inch gap between the edge of the dock and the trailer due to rubber or steel bumpers used to protect the dock from potential damage from trucks. In order to load or unload a trailer, the warehouse needs a bridge to drive a forklift, pallet jack, or other material handling equipment over the gap. This is where a dock leveler (aka pit leveler) or edge-of-docks comes into play.

The Difference of Dock Leveler and Edge-of-Dock

Dock levelers have a greater range of motion than an Edge-of-Dock

  • Dock leveler has a standard operating range of 12” above and 12” below the dock while an Edge-of-Dock has an operating range of 5” above and 5” below the dock. With the differing dock and trailer heights, a standard Edge-of-Dock may not work.
  • Edge-of-Docks are harsher on the forklift equipment than a dock leveler. The transition from dock to trailer and back is far smoother on a dock leveler than an Edge-of-Dock.

Just Rite Equipment

It’s important to work with an experienced professional like our team at Just Rite Equipment, a Division of DuraServ Corp.,  who will ask the right questions and help you make an informed decision when it comes to Connecticut loading dock repair.

At Just-Rite Equipmenta division of DuraServ, since 2001, we have been known for providing high-quality and dependable loading docks in Connecticut. Our team of professionals offers design consultations with you outlining timelines, costs, and the care of your purchased product from Just-Rite Equipment.

We offer: 

Our wide array of loading dock products at Just Rite Equipment covers every aspect of vehicle loading and unloading as well as its facilitation and improving its safety. Each of our products and solutions is of the highest quality, durability, and safety.

What is a Loading Dock System?

The loading dock system is key in the efficient and safe handling of goods. Levelers, shelters, load houses, and other accessories make loading and unloading more convenient and sustainable.

What is Dock Leveler?

The dock leveler bridges the gap to ensure the smooth and safe transfer of goods between vehicle and loading dock. Manual dock plates and automatic levelers to suit your facility can accommodate different types of vehicles and other equipment.

What is Pit Leveler?

Pit levelers feature a pull chain to release the pit leveler platform and raise the lip projection to connect the loading dock with the truck or trailer

What is the Edge of Dock?

When the difference in the range of vehicle bed heights to the dock height is minimal the face-mounted Edge of Dock Leveler is a cost-effective alternative. This dock leveler offers durability and long term performance.

Advantages of installing Dock Levelers and Edge of Docks in Connecticut?

  • They’re safe

Whether it’s a forklift, a pallet, or a loading dock — needs to be safe. The great thing about loading dock technology is that its design has Operator safety in mind. 

  • Ease of use

This ensures that your workers aren’t wasting their time doing something that a machine can do and are able to be more productive.

  • Timesavers

Loading dock levelers reduce the amount of time your trucks are spent idling and you can load and unload multiple shipments each day.

  • Able to handle loads of all sizes

They’re also designed to handle heavy traffic so no matter what your product weighs, you can rest assured that the loading dock won’t cave under the pressure.

  • Compatible with trucks

Loading dock levelers that are truck-compatible prevent injuries because the hook ensures that the truck doesn’t accidentally drive or creep away while goods are being moved on and off.

Work with The Experts In Connecticut

When it comes to loading dock levelers in Connecticut, you need to find the type that works best for your space. All warehouses aren’t created equal, so it’s important to find a dock leveler that fits your business’ needs and the available area in your warehouse. 

Just Rite Equipment has the knowledge and expertise to help you determine the type of loading dock levelers and pit levelers that will work best for your loading dock. For questions and assistance, contact us today.

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