What will happen if a Loading Dock System is not working properly in Maryland?


To promote proficiency to the performance of your loading dock system, efficient sets of loading dock equipment are in dire need to be installed and operated.

A loading dock system is the incorporation of different and distinct sets of equipment that function separately but carry out their respective undertaking to a common end of increasing the productivity and profitability of the facility.

When one (1) of the equipment breaks down, the efficiency of the whole system is jeopardized.


How loading dock works?

The pieces of equipment in the loading dock have their separate and distinct duties and functions. Every equipment works with a diverse function that when put together creates an effective harmonization that results in profitability.

How malfunctioned loading dock parts affect the operation?

When a part of equipment malfunctioned, it naturally hampers the efficient functionality of that particular equipment and will hinder the smooth and effective role of the whole system. Meaning, somewhere along the entire process will need to stop and the corresponding work will have to be undertaken that in turn will prevent the expected productivity of the facility.

You broke your loading dock leveler and as a result, all deliveries towards the storage area of your facility will have to be carried out manually. Though you have a tightly sealed loading dock shelter, effective truck restraint, and roll-up high-performance door without an operational loading dock leveler, all deliveries to and from will have to be undertaken through manual labor, which is contrary to the utmost efficiency principle that you advocate.

Who to call for emergency loading dock parts and service in Maryland?

When this happens, you need to avail of the services of the Just-Rite Equipment, a division of DuraServ Corp. We are your one-stop parts and service shop to address your commercial door and loading dock equipment especially the dock leveler issues on a 24/7 basis.

Just for your information and reference, we have the following dock levelers:

  1. Mechanical dock levelers;
  2. Hydraulic dock levelers;
  3. Air-powered dock levelers;
  4. Specialty dock levelers;
  5. Loading dock options;
  6. Dock and in-plant lifts.

Given all the concerns afore-mentioned, our company is confident that we can resolve all your loading dock concerns because we have both the high-quality loading dock equipment and parts as well as the professionally trained technicians to undertake the replacement and repair works.


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