Why a Wayne Dalton – Thermospan 125 Insulated Sectional Door is Ideal for Applications That Require Higher Thermal Efficiency in Baltimore, MD

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Industry owners, and commercial businesses owners often weigh the pros and cons if they need to install an insulated sectional door. Whatever the nature of the location, their business can utilize an insulated sectional door which is ideal for applications that require higher thermal efficiency because of the different advantages

What is an insulated sectional door?

An insulated sectional door is a thermal efficient door that provides protection against both hot and cold environments. One of these types is the Wayne Dalton-Thermospan 125 Insulated Sectional Door.

What is a thermal efficiency?

Thermal efficiency is the capacity of doors to be energy-efficient doors. It can be measured using the solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) and U-factor for the door. 

Here are the reasons why this Thermospan Insulated Sectional Door is advantageous for applications that require higher thermal efficiency. 

1. Speed in door opening and closing. It takes 0.3 m/s for a sectional door to open and close compared to the 0.06-0.08 m/s for a traditional roller shutter door. This speed of Wayne Dalton Thermospan 125 Insulated Sectional Door Baltimore MD which is four times faster than those of traditional roller shutter doors has various benefits. 

A. Work efficiency improved. There will no wait time for workers or forklifts in front of the door as the speed in material handling increases by at least three times than the traditional roll up doors.

B. Cleanliness maintained. The increased speed in opening and closing the door allows a less amount of air and dust that enters the room. 

C. Temperature loss reduced. The quick opening and closing of the door reduces heat loss. 

2. Thermal insulation. The structure of the Thermospan Insulated Sectional Door Jamesburg NJ door panel is similar to a sandwich structure. The two surface layer has a 0.326 mm galvanized steel plate which is 40 mm-thick. A high density fire retardant polyurethane foam is in the middle with a 12-14 kg/m2 foam density. Heat conduction is avoided at the joint area through a special cold-bridge design. These commercial sectional doors can mostly be found in warehouses and in cold rooms because of its thermal insulation ration of 4.5 W/m*h.

3. Air tight doors. An EDPM weather seal rubber covers the door which is resistant to cold and chemicals. This allows the door to have a long lifespan and guarantees the door’s high air-tightness. This keeps the room clean as it prevents outside dust and air from entering the room. 

4. Cost-efficient doors. This Wayne Dalton Thermospan 125 Insulated Sectional Door has the ability to prevent energy transfers. It is also dependable and sturdy. 

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