Why Add a Serco S900DD Dry Dock System in Your Loading Dock Facility in Farmville, NC?

Serco S-900DD Drydock Seal System

Commercial and industrial buildings and warehouses contain a loading Dock or loading bay. Just as the name implies, a loading Dock is where vehicles that deliver goods are loaded and unloaded. There are three kinds of loading docks—fully enclosed, flush with the building envelope, or exterior.

Loading Docks are vulnerable to danger. These include forklifts that get in and out of truck trailers that make sharp turns to avoid staged pallet loads, open doors that lead to 3-foot drops to the driveway and stacked pallets that can drop on passersby. The worst among these is the danger of Dock floors that are wet or slick.

Twenty-five percent of accidents lead to injuries in Docks. Thus, loading docks are considered as a danger zone. “Slips and falls accounted for 34 percent of workers’ compensation claims, putting these incidents as the second leading cause for claims,” according to the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point. 

These accidents connected with loading dock have claims that reach up to $6.6 billion yearly, according to the 2007 data of Liberty Mutual Safety Index. Research showed that the number of injuries related to slips and falls increases even though there was a decrease in the incidence of other injuries. 

Reasons Why A Serco S-900DD Drydock Seal System Should Be Added in a Loading Dock Facility

1. Moisture-free. The Serco S-900DD Drydock Seal System utilizes a wiper pad to keep external moisture and rain out of the loading/unloading area. This pad keeps the trailer at the door. This Serco dry dock system does not require high maintenance. 

2. Significant features. The Serco dry dock system Farmville NC features include an “automatic position that does not require manual activation. It has heavy-duty galvanized steel channel frame. It also has translucent fiberglass raked head frame for fast water drainage. It boasts of a high-resilient foam core protected with three layers of durable coated fabric. It also has weighted side covers that provide extra protection for the dock area. It has a rugged support bracket that mounts over existing equipment,” from SERCO

3. Safer workplace. One of the advantages of using dock seal Farmville NC is that they offer a safer working condition in the loading dock equipment. Floors are kept dry and injuries are prevented.  Unwanted pests and bugs are kept from entering business establishments. These can prevent workers from getting sick because of these pests.

4. Maximize efficiency. Using the proper dock seal increases productivity as the loading dock is the busiest in the workplace. Fear among workers because of unsafe working conditions delays progress in loading and unloading process. 

5. Extends lifespan of loading dock doors. The dock doors are constantly exposed to the wind and rain which makes them prone to damage. With the proper dock seal, the outer edges of the dock doors are protected from these elements. 

A loading dock facility has its concerns that affect its workers. Thus, there is a need for the business establishment to use a Serco S900 DD Dry Dock System.

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