Why Choose a Rytec Plexline Composite Door to Install for Food & Beverages and Pharmaceutical Facilities in Houston, TX

Rytec Plexline Composite Door

Door designs and attributes may often be overlooked but the same couldn’t be said for certain warehouses and facilities. For food & beverage and pharmaceutical facilities to be specific, doors play a vital role. They serve as the point of access to these specific warehouses and facilities so these doors help in controlling entries of any kind. Another area where doors play an important part in is temperature control. With the right door, heat loss/ AC loss will be reduced during winter and hot air will be kept out during hot months. This will be very helpful for facility owners in protecting the quality of their items especially in Texas where humidity is high and snow in winters is possible.  

Several factors should be considered in choosing the right door for these facilities. Since doors in food & beverage and pharmaceutical facilities also aid in preventing cross contamination, it is highly important that the door is seamless and impermeable to avoid germs build up in any cracks and gaps that are hard to clean. These smooth, impervious surfaces also allow for easy cleaning and disinfecting which is essential for these facilities. Durability is also a must for these doors since high traffic is expected and regular vigorous cleaning procedures that involve very hot water, steam and strong cleaning chemicals are the norm. 

So why choose Rytec Plexline Composite Door to install for your food & beverage and pharmaceutical facilities in Houston, Texas? Because this Rytec Plexline composite door from Southern Dock Products was specifically designed to be the best equipped door for these types of facilities. This Rytec door is durable, fast and sleekly designed. 

This high performance door is corrosion–resistant, chemical-resistant and more impact-resistant than stainless steel. Now you don’t have to worry about your doors not withstanding traffic or cracking or peeling because of aggressive cleaning chemicals. This Rytec door is made from advanced composite material to make sure none of that happens.

Rytec Plexline Composite Door is fast. This high speed door is just what you need for bustling warehouses and facilities to maximize productivity and to improve energy costs.

Its direct-drive motor opens the door at up to 50 inches per second for improved traffic flow, productivity and energy conservation. For facilities where open products are being transferred, having high speed doors can help prevent draughts, dust and contamination. It also helps improve staff safety by reducing collision. Speed in doors is also crucial to make sure that the room’s temperature is balanced. 

Southern Dock Products Rytec Plexline is also well-designed. It is not only about the functionality or efficiency of the product but also, how visually pleasing it looks. This premium, high quality door is all smooth lines and a curvilinear structure creating a sleek and modern look with side columns that have a soft blended finish with highlights to mimic stainless steel.

This Rytec Plexline composite door in Houston, Texas also has full-width vision panel, two sets of thru-beam photo eyes and a pneumatic, dual-chamber, with safety reversing edge. One also has the option of counter-weighted brake release that opens the door during power loss.

Choosing the best suited door for the food & beverage and pharmaceutical facilities will result to higher productivity and an improvement on the facilities’ energy cost. Consequently, choosing the wrong door will result to down time, unsafe conditions and costly damage and replacements. So choose your doors wisely. Choose Southern Dock Products. Reach us at the following numbers: Toll Free Number: 1-800-994-2361; Fort Worth, TX: (817) 686-7300; Houston, TX: (713) 868-5443; Austin, TX: (512) 442-1561; Dallas, TX: (800) 994-2361; San Antonio, TX: (210) 359-9552; Shreveport, LA: (844) 826-5301; Baton Rouge, LA: (844) 826-5301; Atlanta, GA: (770) 338-9988; Savannah, GA: (912) 239-9652; Orlando, FL: (407) 656-1289; Tampa, FL: (813) 643-7000; Jacksonville, FL: (904) 282-3438 and Charlotte, NC: (704) 594-5094. Or send us an email at: https://www.southerndockproducts.com/service-request/ and https://www.southerndockproducts.com/contact/

Southern Dock Products is now servicing the following areas: Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, Dallas and San Antonio, Texas, as well as Shreveport and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Atlanta and Savannah, Georgia, Orlando, Tampa and Jacksonville, Florida and Charlotte, North Carolina. 

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