Why Choose a Wayne Dalton – Model 600 Rolling Grille Suitable for Retail Outlets in Farmville, NC

ayne Dalton - Model 600 Rolling Grille

Gone are the days when rolling up – rollup doors were the door trends for retail outlets and commercial establishments. Before, rolling up – rollup doors were commonly perceived as a simple security barrier and gateway for entrance and exits, but nowadays engineers and designers built them with multi-functional purposes and use that can provide solutions to the modern demands of the society. 

With the advancement of technology, material upgrades, latest marketing design concepts, and cost-effective functionalities, Wayne Dalton who for over 60 years has been servicing and installing, top-quality residential and commercial garage doors, offers its latest product Model 600 Rolling Grille. Specially designed and engineered for retail outlets, commercial establishments, industrial operations warehouses, and high-security facilities. 

Why Wayne Dalton

Wayne Dalton, for six decades, has been servicing and installing, top-quality residential and commercial garage doors. Taking great pride in our customer service, maintenance service and service, and also a new garage door installation. Our goal is to offer quality services at affordable prices. Wayne Dalton offers beautiful, energy-efficient residential & commercial garage doors to fit your busy lifestyle, budget, & engineered for excellence! 

What is Model 600 Rolling Grille

Wayne Dalton Rolling Grilles or Model 600 is the 21st-century modern-day door solution that can offer security, ventilation, and visibility for commercial, retail, and industrial applications. The strong steel, aluminum or stainless steel grilles can offer alternative options to suit your personal or business needs. 

Safeguards Investments

Wayne Dalton Rolling Grilles provides protection against burglary and thieves. Our company name speaks for itself Wayne Dalton has the reputation as one of the best high-quality door makers with outstanding performance in the security business, where sneaky thievery eyes would not hesitate from far afar nor attempt to go near your business establishment. Ideally perfect for industrial warehouses and high-security facilities, where requires less security manpower thus saving a lot of money on maintenance cost.

Visibility and Aesthetic Design 

Designed with aluminum grille patterns in clear, mill, or bronze anodized finishes that allow visual access through the door opening space, adding visual marketable features for commercial retail establishments where customers can check out your products from a distance. Additionally, Model 600 also provides open space ventilation which helps in preventing any excess build-up of gases or fumes. 

Wayne Dalton Rolling Grilles offers attractive marketing style and trends with its available 180 colored powder coating options and a variety of grille patterns with finishes. Ideally perfect for retail business establishments, which can speak for the marketing character what the company wants to project. 

Safe Features 

Model 600 is engineered with an emergency egress grille and operator system that can provide secure access to public space areas, yet it will automatically open fully on detection of power failure or emergency alarm. Safely prevents personnel entrapment on emergency events which allows accessibility for personnel safety. The emergency egress grille is suitable for applications where accessibility and space options are high requirements like hospitals, schools, and office buildings. 

Model 600 Rolling Grille

Key Highlight Specifications:

  • Construction: Max Width: 42′ /Max Height: 20’ 
  • Material: Steel/Aluminum/Stainless Steel 
  • Operation: Manual Push-up/Chain/Crank/Motor-operated 
  • Curtain: Galvanized Steel/Stainless Steel 
  • Locking System: Cylinder/Best-Lock/Thumb Turns/EZ-LOK 
  • Available Torsion Springs: 20,000 cycles 
  • Aluminum Grille Pattern: Clear/Mill/Bronze Anodized Finishes 
  • Powder Coating Availability: Over 180 colors 
  • Grille Patterns and Finishes: Available 

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