Why Equip Your Freezer Storage Facility with an Albany Ultra Cool High Speed Door in Markham, ON?

Albany High Speed Door

As the demand for perishable items grow in Markham, Ontario, cold storage facilities also start appearing left and right to keep up with this demand. Perishable products like meat and vegetables are very sensitive and have to be handled properly for their quality to be preserved and to ensure their safety for consumption. These temperature-sensitive items have to be transported and stored in temperature-controlled facilities where temperature is correctly controlled and thoroughly monitored. 

These freezer storage facilities have this as the top priority: they have to be cold – cold enough for temperature-controlled substance to prolong their lives, be protected from decay and spoilage. But just how do these storage facilities in Markham make sure to keep their cool – pun intended? Cold storage facilities have been continuously evolving and adapting different ways to make sure that they provide the right environment to these highly sensitive items and meet every standard specifications but one very handy trick and tip lies on the simplest of things – the door. 

A lot of cold storage facilities’ owners usually overlook this one simple trick to help make sure that their cold storage don’t lose too much of their cool. We are talking about the one in charge of the entry and exit of all items to and from the warehouse – the door. The door might seem small and irrelevant as compare to the whole warehouse, but they actually act as one of the major defenses of the items being stored within these facilities. 

The doors play a major role in making sure that the cold air inside these storage facilities wouldn’t escape and the entry of warm heat from the outside will be prevented or at least be lessened. To lessen the entry of warm air, freezer storage should have doors that are high speed for rapid access and for lesser chance for cold air to escape. The make of the door is also important since it has to be designed in a way that it prevents heat transfer through the door itself.

For this reason, freezer storage facilities should install Albany Ultra Cool High Speed Door in Markham, Ontario. Not only is this Albany high speed door perfect for high traffic cold storage since it has fast cycling speed, it is also ideal for warehouses where environmental control and energy savings are a priority. 

Albany Ultra Cool High Speed Door has tight seals that limit the amount of air infiltration through the door’s opening. This results to a huge savings on your energy costs. This high performance door has a breakaway fabric door panel and self-repairing features as well that come handy during accidental impact for it keeps the door operating even after these incidents.

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