Why Install a Wayne Dalton – Model 2415 Steel Sectional Door for Heavy-Duty Commercial and Industrial Applications in Toronto, CA

Wayne Dalton - Model 2415 Steel Sectional Door

Every commercial building or warehouse must have an impressive and effective steel door for moderate to heavy-duty commercial and industrial applications. If you are looking for the best quality and service, Wayne Dalton’s Model 2415 could be what you really deserve. It comes in a wide range of sizes and structures. This specific model of Wayne Dalton steel sectional door is made of 24-gauge ribbed steel units and heavy-duty 16-gauge perpendicular end stiles for better strength. Its maximum width is 32’2” and its maximum height is 22’1” produced with 24-gauge steel, 10,000 cycles standard spring and optional polystyrene insulation at an R-value* = 7.64 and can be custom-fit to your bay.

You may be asking yourself why you must install a Wayne Dalton – Model 2415 steel sectional door for heavy-duty commercial and industrial applications in Toronto, CA. The following are three major reasons why you should do so. Think about you and your business’ protection, your products’ preservation, and your establishment’s appearance or presentation.


Wayne Dalton’s Model 2415 is certainly one of the commercial rolling steel doors that are created to meet the rigors of the most rugged applications. It can withstand severe environmental conditions, serious external pressures, and other threats to security. It is both durable and long-lasting, which are the very features that keep you and your business safe from all human and natural dangers.


This door model is made of hot-dipped galvanized steel sections that are covered with heavy duty vertical stiles on the inside. It could be easily installed and supports the lower part of your door. Aside from its sturdy quality, it comes with jamb seals, head seal and joint seals such that your products are preserved in excellent condition. The steel sectional doors keep the ideal temperature in; thus, personnel, equipment, and goods assured of comfort and good condition. You can opt for non insulated steel sectional door too depending on your preferences.


Lastly, in addition to its extraordinary impact resistance as well as industrial strength, it adds beauty and stature to your establishment or storage house. Wayne Dalton steel sectional door Toronto CA offers your place great looking appearance on top of its reliable durability and design. With this feature, you don’t have to try hard to attract clients to your place. A well-built, safe and reassuring place is just something your business truly deserves.

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