Why invest in an Industrial Fan and how can it benefit your business in Orlando, FL?

Serco HVLS Fan

Storage is one of the considerations we need to consider when it comes to delivering the excellent quality of goods for our business. However, room temperature increases as the number of goods are stored, and thermal body heat of our manpower can increase the heat inside the warehouse or facility. 

Imagine the loss of profit when your product has reached the spoilage before the expiration? Would you risk a headache over a loss of income?

When it comes to facility ventilation, the first thing that comes to our minds is an industrial fan installation, to introduce air circulation to the facility, and of course to avoid the spoilage of the goods. 

We should also consider the quality and specifications of the industrial fans we are planning to install and to avoid installing a fan that does not meet our requirements, regardless of seasons all year round.  

For colder seasons, we need industrial fans which can be run in reverse so as to contribute a good circulation of hot air that becomes trapped in the level of the ceiling. We need a multipurpose investment that covers both seasons so as to perform efficiently and enjoy a comfortable working environment to your facility.

Next, industrial fans must have an internal balance in the environment caused by floor jet. These floor jets create, appropriate to protect the integrity of the product to avoid loss of profit because the possibility of spoilage is low and the moisture of the area is reduced in the air, keeping the area dry and safe from molds.

Another, your industrial fan of choice must have the capability to increase volume and area of reach with its low-speed mechanism. Fans that are high volume low-speed fans make it totally a functional effect, and flexible fan.     

Lastly, when it comes to technology-wise, an added feature of a touchscreen remote to feel the convenience and that offers convenient and easy logistics on the floor level.

These are just a few of the specifications you can get when you consider installing an industrial fan. To maximize the idea of having an industrial fan that can give you these benefits and more, Serco created their ATEC HVLS Fans.

Serco ATEC HVLS Fans have a five-blade design that optimizes the flow of air and increases the lift of the blade surface. It decreases 7- 11 degrees of perceived temperature. This introduced the idea of an industrial fan that adjusts to the temperature because of a 2- 3 mph breeze created by Serco.

Additionally, HVLS fans also decrease up to 4% energy consumption because it automatically regulates temperature from ceiling to floor. Getting many benefits can totally help your business return on investments, as well as savings because of the decrease in energy consumption.

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