Why Invest in Swing Doors for Food Processing Operation in Angier, NC?


The food processing industry is mandated to follow regulations regarding hygiene specifically regarding the layout, design, and construction of buildings. Specific rules for production spaces include ease in cleaning and disinfecting, goodhygiene practices, and protection against external sources of contamination. 

What are swing doors?

Swing doors, as the name implies, can be swung in both directions. These single and double-versioned swing doors have fixed pivot hinges that can open the leaves to 90 degrees on either side of the opening. The rounded-joint leaves enable these high-performance doors to open to 180 degrees.

Deadlock fitted at the top and/or bottom of the leaf allows these high speed doors to be locked.

Uses of swing doors

These high performance doors Angier NC that are resistant to fire are used in food processing operations. These high speed doors prevent two persons on either side of the door to push or pull in opposite directions by glazing the doors.

Other industries also use these doors such as the Plyfoam II swing doors in storage areas in department stores and warehouses. The use of these Jamison Plyfoam II swing doors has many benefits because it can be opened simply by pushing in both directions. Moreover, these are perfect for fire exits in car parks, schools, hospitals, and other establishments. 

Here are the reasons why owners need to invest in swing doors for food processing

1. Protects against contamination. Food processing facilities always regard minimal contamination as its highest priority. Doors must be seamless and impervious to minimize bacteria. Germs are prevented to build up in cracks and gaps that are difficult to clean on the surface of the door. 

Hygiene is compromised if doors are easy to crack, rot, or peel as this increases the possibility of bacterial to reproduced in exposed surface areas. 

Food facilities must impose regular and thorough cleaning of surfaces. Thus, these doors must be waterproof and smooth for easier cleaning and disinfection. 

Traffic and vigorous cleaning procedures attack door surfaces. Thus, these doors must be able to withstand such attacks.

2. Increases safety and productivity. These doors are wide enough to allow ease in the movement of vehicles, equipment, and staff. These doors also are equipped with automated and self-closing mechanisms that are significant in terms of opening speed. This also helps minimize pests.

Faster opening times minimize does not only reduce contamination, dust, draughts; these also reduce energy costs and increase production efficiency.

Automated doors prevent damage to the door by reducing collisions and also improves the safety of the staff.

Food processing industries must always adhere to the highest standards of hygiene practices. One of these is the choice for using appropriate swing doors that has numerous benefits. Having the right choice is crucial in promoting excellence in food industries. Thus, it is a good decision to invest in swing doors for food processing. 

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