Why Schedule a Regular Service of Your Mechanical Dock Leveler in Austin, TX?

Serco Mechanical Dock Leveler Model WL

One of the most significant and most often overlooked equipment or tool in a certain warehouse facility is the mechanical loading dock leveler. The moment it is operating efficiently, you are able to make as functional as possible on your facility’s productivity and profitability.  With so much dependence on the successful operation of the said tool, it’s essential to keep them in top working conditions so as to reduce the risk of failure and maintain your workers’ safety and welfare.

Keeping the good state of your dock leveler may seem like a simple and ordinary thing. However, failure to keep up with the maintenance of this piece of equipment is susceptible, critical and dangerous. Hence, possibly could shut down your facility which would eventually end up costing you much more than regular upkeep fees.

Here are a few and detailed reasons why it is important to schedule a regular service of your mechanical dock leveler and to keep up with the regular maintenance of this vital tool so you can keep your warehouse running at an exemplar level:                                                                    

  • Prohibiting More Costly Repairs.
  • Anybody who has ever chipped a windshield can inform you how quickly a tiny crack can become a gigantic problem. A relevant principle goes to a dock leveler — a tiny and minor fix can turn into a massive headache if it isn’t dealt with immediately. Something simple and easy, such as an issue with the mainspring, can even wind up shutting down your loading dock for a number of few days. Regular checks and maintenance can catch and fix these small problems before turning it into a massive long-term disaster.

  • Secure and Safe Work Environment.
  • A loading dock without a leveler can be a dangerous place. It’s unusual that trucks line up with the edge of your loading dock, and if there is a gap of any size, accidents and casualties are more likely to happen.

    Dockworkers set and hold forklifts over ledges by accident a lot more often than you may expect. A dock leveler helps to prohibit these types of accidents, and any defects, damages, and injuries they may incur, by getting anything on the same level.

    If ever you fail to impose proper maintenance on your vital tool, you risk losing access to this helpful and reliable tool. You also risk destroying other equipment and injuring your employees. Worker’s safety should always be one of your topmost priorities. 

    Moreover, the issues and concerns of workers’ compensation resulting from injuries are merely caused by poorly maintained equipment. Workers’ compensation costs often have a wide and direct impact on the company’s bottom line. Above, you can’t have an ideal business with the absence of employees – so their health and well-being should always come first than any other else.

  • Extend the life of dock equipment.
  • Proper and regular maintenance extends the life of your dock equipment, translating into a much better return on investment. Additionally, it extends the time between capital expenditures and equipment installation disruption at the dock.

  • An energy-efficient warehouse.
  • You may fail to associate energy efficiency or climate control with your dock leveler. But consider this, any entrance to your warehouse is also a potential and reliable exit for heat or air conditioning. And, since the dock leveler is a key fixture at one of your warehouse portal of entry, it can hinder and hamper your heating or cooling efforts if it’s not properly installed.

    If you’re considering a mechanical dock leveler service or need to get your current mechanical dock leveler to be repaired Overhead Door Company of Austin can extend help and make sure your warehouse is working to the best of its abilities.

    Please do call Overhead Door Company of Austin, a division of DuraServ at (512) 442-1561, for any queries about mechanical dock leveler servicemechanical dock leveler repair, or any dock levelers and lifts at mechanical dock leveler Austin TX. You may request a service request at http://bit.ly/ohdctx-service-request or may visit our Service Areas: Servicing All of Texas including Austin, Georgetown, Round Rock, Cedar Creek, San Marcos, Cedar Park, Pflugerville, and Temple, TX.

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