Why Upgrade Your Sliding Door into a Sectional Door in Miami-Dade, FL?


As modernization of farms across the nation has become trends for the modern American farmer, new agricultural buildings or shelters have been constructed on farms.

Either new construction or a simple upgrade of your farmhouses, sliding doors have to go. As known, the sliding door is an important part of a farmhouse that provides entry and exit for workers, equipment and farm assets. Though highly reliable and undisputed before, probably sliding doors have reached its prime.

Way back then sliding doors were the best when it comes to durability. However, with the advancement of technology in techniques, modern engineering understanding and materials used, they have increased their lifetime use. They don’t use any springs or panels, making it more durable.

Common frustrations from the start such as sliding doors have a difficult process to install, it needs more full care and expertise. Next, sliding door’s tracks get impacted by dirt, molds and other outside elements that hinder its sliding process. Thus, requires regular maintenance which is taking much time loss and costly maintenance budgeting. Moreover, it needs to be cleaned every day for a more good looking appearance.

Probably it is high time to upgrade your sliding doors to a modern, state-of-the-art technological innovation, a commercial insulated sectional doors– Overhead Door- Thermacore 591 Insulated Sectional Door model, the ideal choice for applications that demand the highest levels of thermal efficiency, air infiltration, and wind load resistance. These commercial sectional doors are highly durable against extreme weather conditions and the most demanding environmental requirements.

High Thermal Efficiency

Thermacore® 591 sectional doors unique features can provide a CFC-free, fully encapsulated, foamed-in-place panel which has an R-values of 14.86 (2.63 W/Msq) and U-Value-.067 (.38 Msq/W), and one of the best air infiltration ratings, will meet or exceed almost any thermally efficient application requirement.

Engineered with thermal breaks between internal and external skins, and PVC thermal break and joint seals lessen air infiltration, makes it ideally best for agricultural buildings, animal shelters, livestock barns and shelters where priorities on air infiltration and thermal efficiency are high.

Strong and Lightweight

Overhead Thermacore 591 Insulated Sectional Doors are built-in roll-formed, hot-dipped galvanized steel exterior panels (thickness-1 5/8″ -41 Mm), and its 1 5/8” (41 mm) thick, heavy-duty door appropriate for a wide range of opening sizes and the spectrum of applications- making it the bestselling door system in the Thermacore® line and one of the most-specified insulated sectional doors in the industry.

The steel-polyurethane-steel sandwich panel construction is lightweight, but highly durable and has exceptionally efficient thermal performance, suitably best for energy-efficient facilities, heavy-duty applications, and food and beverage businesses where doors can help save more on energy and maintenance costs.

Aesthetically Attractive

Creatively designed with polyester paint on a ribbed, textured exterior surface, and two coats of baked-on provide an attractive looking door for applications where appeal and ambiance are important and essential such as general warehousing, heavy industrial applications, and manufacturing businesses.

High-Grade Field Serviceability 

The Thermacore® product line’s unique manufacturing process has a special internal construction that offers flexibility to its hinges that can be placed anywhere along the panel’s length allowing customization on the job site either during repairs, retrofit or for installation purposes.

Alternative Options, Better Solutions 

The 591 is manufactured to fit openings up to 35’2″ (10,719 mm) wide and 24’1″ (7,341 mm) high, flexible and robust for any type of animal shelters, livestock barns, and shelters or agricultural buildings.

With a variety of electric operators available, ensures a trouble-free motor operation in a variety of mounting alternative options (side, trolley or center).

Our industry-leading 10-year limited warranty against delamination makes your door investment worth more than you paid for. A totally a budget-saver door that offer lots of benefits and big dollar profit-making.

Better make that decision happen today! Upgrade now your old sliding door into the latest and modern sectional door, call Overhead Door Company of South Florida, a Division of Duraserv at (954) 266-7960, or directly through our website at http://bit.ly/ohdsouthflorida-contact-us, we can help you design the safest most efficient to servicing your current equipment and doors, we have the products and skilled technicians to keep your business running at its peak. Our fleet of well-trained technicians and stocked trucks are prepared to fix anything that might get broken at Overhead thermacore insulated sectional door Miami-Dade FL, and commercial sectional door Miami-Dade FL.

You can also visit us personally at our Service Areas: South Florida – Miami, Miramar, West Palm, Broward, Miami-Dade, Monroe County, Fort Lauderdale, Deerfield Beach, and Doral.For other information and details, check us out at https://www.ohdsouthflorida.com/.

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